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Could use some advice

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Had a female show up a few days ago with kittens. There is a post on Cat's Lounge showing the female and brood. Mom is leaking stool, vet is sure it is a bacterial infection in the gut. Had her on amoxy drops but seems that it increases the stool leakage. I have her quarantined right now, because even though the kittens are old, they still want to nurse off her. She eats like a horse, drinks more water to help replace what she has lost. I have her on a homopathic drug right now GSE and am putting her off food for 24 hours. Her stool is light brown, very watery, and I am giving her kaopectae as well. If anyone has a clue how to help this poor girl would you let me know? She is in pretty rough shape and tomorrow she will go to the vet again if not improved.
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I'm leafing throught the Cat Owner's Home Veterinary book and here's a few things to look into. It's gross, but useful to know:

If the stool is foamy it's probably bacterial. Watery stool indicated bowel wall irritation (acute enteritis or possibly ingested toxins). Greasy stool (you can see oil on the hair around the anus) indicates malabsorption syndrome.

yellow or greenish indicates rapid transite (you often see this with overfed hand raised kittens). Bloody stool indicates lower bowel bleeding, while black tarry stool indicates bleeding in the upper digestive tract. Pasty, light colored stool could indicate a liver disease (color results of lack of bile).

several in an hour, each with straining suggests colitis. 3-4 times a day, each large suggests malabsorption syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease.

There, I said it would be gross...

If you want to share a more detailed description of the stool, I can look up the different diseases for you.
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