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Talk Radio

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Does anyone listen to George Norry? he replaced Art Bell.
I like Friday night as it is open lines, and open to all subjects.

I also like Phil Hendrie.
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I never could get into talk radio! Sorry!

I have listened to Rush Limbaugh occasionally though, and its ok.
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Whenever we're in the car together, my boyfriend puts on talk radio. I really, really didn't dig it at first, but now I find it quite amusing. We listen to Kevin Lynn, who is a local guy, Bill O'Riley, who is national and Michael Savage, who is also national (and to whom I always comment... is he of any relation to Randy Savage )
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I listen to talk radio all the time. My absolute favorite is Roger Hedgecock who is local but sometimes subs for Rush Limbaugh (I don't like Rush, though). He used to be the mayor here in SD and got in trouble and lost his office (I don't know what the problem was, but it was something with money) and now he is a "recovering politician". LOL He's really good though and helped lead the recall movement.

I also like Rick Roberts, who is also local but used to be in CO and TX (hated him in CO though). He's pretty good too and he broke the news that Davis supporters were circulating false petitions to stop the recall, but they weren't saying they were to stop the recall so it was big scandal.

George Norrie and Barbara used to accompany me home at nights when I worked the swing shift. Some of their guests are absolutely nuts, but George and Barbara are good. I like Barbara better though.

I even occasionally listen to Dr. Laura, but she can really get me going. She's either really right or really wrong. No happy medium with her.
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I was a real fan of Art Bell and hated to see him go. George Noory is good tho and I like him alot. He does have some nut case guests tho and manages to stay noncommittal. I listen to him every night when I go to bed.
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I love talk radio, but I never seem to get to listen to it any more. I like Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy.
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Talk radio rocks. I am 32 and have been into it since at least 15.

Some of the best ones.

Bruce Williams, Art Bell, Dr Dean Edell, Jay Marvin, First years of Rush.

Phil Hendery is killing me on the drive home. In the past 2 years of listening to him I had to pull over 3 times because of laughing so hard tears were just welling up and I was a driving hazzard.

"So the little girl has got coke bottle glasses so what? Well, Mr. hendry when you talk to her it's like she is staring at flys"
Yea had to be there but it's still kills me.
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I used to listen ALL the time, but haven't been able to lately. Now that I've got a bit more time on my hands I'm going to start listening to Neil Boortz, Rush Limbaugh and my favorite - Shawn Hannity. I don't think I'll listen as much as I used to though. It's easier not to get drawn into political debates if you're not completely up on what's going on, and I just hate debating politics!
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I occassionally listen to talk radio. Even the guys I can't stand! Bill O'Reily gets my goat quite often. He makes some good points but is so arrogant and rude. He seems really stuck on himself. Sean Hannity is another that is impressed with himself and can get nasty. I have no clue why I still listen to them! Well... hannity I don't usually leave on. Ok I'm babbling here!
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Oh yes Phil. (lol) I have laughed so much some times my sides hurt.
I love when he does Bobbie, the women with the Son Jason whatever his name is.

I have one of his CD'S and whenever I need a laugh I play it.

If I have time in the afternoon I sometimes listen to Dr Laura,
I liked Dr Toni Grant better. She seems to have vanished I heard she was ill anyone know what happened to her?
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