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sensitive stomachs/foods

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Hello All!

I have an 15yr old male cat, (Casper), who seems to have a sensitive stomach. What I was wondering, can I give him tagamet(human medication)? I have been trying all kinds of different foods, but not one seems to be to his liking. I thought somebody came out with sensitive stomach food, but I can't seem to find it in any stores near me? Any HELPFUL suggestions welcome. Thanks
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Science Diet has the sensitive stomach food. I wouldn't give any human medications to a cat without consulting a vet. There are certain medications that can be lethal to felines and not canines. What are the symptoms your cat is giving you?
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I agree with Sandie - never give people medicine to your cat without consulting the vet.

Also, when has this started? Has the vet looked into any reasons for the sensitive stomach?
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usually a single source protein such as chicken would eliminate a sensitive stomach. However since you never mentioned symptoms you should check with your vet first.
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My cat Max also has a sensitive tummy. I have found that feeding him a good quality food is just as good as the food that the vet prescribed. Hell603...could you describe what a single protein food is? Thanks!
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One of my cats is on the Science Diet Sensitive Stomach food and it has done wonders for her. Sometimes, as cats get older (you said yours is 15, I think), their stomachs become less tolerant of some foods. I would check with the vet to rule out any illnesses first though.
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Single source protein: Boiled chicken, cooked beef, broiled turkey, cooked liver (ughh) anything on that order - NO SPRICES - mix with cooked veggies and rice. That should have a very calming effect on the tummy and his digestive system. I know it's extra work but I think well worth a try if your little one will eat it. Good luck!!!
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