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We have taken in a stray cat, decided to keep him and took him to the vets today to get all cleaned up, shots, neutered, etc. His FIV test came back positive. Have been researching tonight and wonder about the interferon treatment that some people write about. Is it expensive? Cannot seem to locate anything regarding the cost of using interferon. Help?
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Hi Sue and welcome to the forums!

So sorry to hear about the test result. I'm no expert, but from what I've read, I think you should have another test performed after a few weeks to make sure. Sometimes, there can be false results.

I'm afraid I don't know much about the interferon treatment.
Here's the web address of a mailing list about FIV positive cats -

They seem to have extensive archive. I did a search for interferon and found these links in one of the posts:


http://www.hepatitis-c.de/ifne.htm http://www.rahul.net/hredlus/dodds.html http://www.hepatitis-c.de/dailyifn.htm

But I think you may want to join the list and ask them about prices etc.
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Along with repeating the test, make sure you
get a Western Blot test. The common FIV tests
do have false positives. A positive must be
followed up by the more accurate Western Blot.

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Absolutely have your cat retested! The most reliable test is one where they take blood and send it out. The results take about 3 days but it is the most accurate. The in-office "stick" test isn't as accurate. Is the kitty young? The reason I ask is because kittens under the age of 4 months almost always test false positive. My kitty Marina Mar tested positive at 10 weeks old. My former vet wanted to put her down immediately (that's why she's my FORMER vet). I agonized over it for 3 days. One of my friends from the animal rescue organization I volunteer with took Marina to another vet and had another test done. I am SO glad! Otherwise my beautiful little "butterfly kitty" wouldn't be with me today.

Good luck and don't give up hope!
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