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What is she?

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I have a cat that isn't exactly a calico, but I'm not sure what she is. I just got a digital camera, so I'll try to attatch some pics.
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She looks like a domestic short haired calico. This is the same as a torti and white.
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I have a couple more too. Hang on a minute.
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Last one. This really isn't a good picture of her, but she thinks she is hidding in the curtains. Somehow, I knew she was there.
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She is very pretty!
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She is a beautiful girl!
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She is a Tortie w/white..... Calico's have the same colors BUT they are seperated with white, each patch of color doesn't have to be separated by white but a good portion.....
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She is really pretty. I love my new digital camera. She got curious when I took a picture of her. She thought it sounded weird. I got to see her hours after she was born (across the street). My friend had a cat that got pregnant, that cat was actually my cat's sister. (my cat got killed when she was a year old) My friend new I wanted another cat so when the kittens were born my friend called me over to pick out which one I wanted. I loved her coloring, and she was playful too. It did take me a while to pick though. Now she is six, and has a good home. I didn't know (before I got her) that calicos come in grey. How does that work? I thought they had black.
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She is a beautiful cat.

She does look like a torie with white.

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Over here in NZ we call that a Blue Cream Bicolor Shorthaired Domestic.

She's very cute!!!!!

Can we put a name to her face?
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She is a blue cream and white, also known as a dilute calico. She isnt a torti and white because she is blue (gray) and cream, which is the diluted version of a torti and white.
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Mmmmmmmm Sorry but I can't agree....

When there is a dilute ... it makes ALL dilute (lighter Versions of color IE:

black becomes blue
chocolate becomes lilac or lavender
cinnamon becomes fawn
red becomes cream)

If the cat is diluted, all its colors are diluted. If the cat is not diluted, none of its colors are diluted.

So there is only a certain number of possible color combinations, because of that fact that you must have one color from each of the three, and you must have either all dilution or no dilution.

Now looking at the pic, the Red is Definately Red, not dilute..... soooo I'm thinking that it's hard to tell from a picture.

Make sense?
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From that picture the color DOES look a little bit red - but it's NOT possible to have a red and blue bicolor cat!! so therefore she's a BLUECREAM & white.

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Now looking at the pic, the Red is Definately Red, not dilute..... soooo I'm thinking that it's hard to tell from a picture.
That is NOT red, that is cream. That is definatly not black so it would have to be a blue cream. I know about dilution, that cat is a blue cream. Are you trying to say thats BLACK and RED? If so I suggest your eyes be looked at.
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Im saying....... from what I see.... the way it is on my screen, it's red...

It's really not that big a deal, while IM sure you know your dilutes, as do I (I've been a judge for a little over 2 years, and a breeder for longer), Would you not agree that It's POSSIBLE for us to be seeing varying degrees of color given the monitor types???? I find your comment to be rude, and had you reffered to the line you actually quoted from my post, obviously I see something that you do not, like I said hard to tell from a picture at least on my end.


You are right, but again, it's looks much redder to me, and the black does look black. That's why I said it's hard to tell from a pic. I particularly like the way in which you posted, tactfully to say the least.
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I see Ken. Thanks

Mandoplayer, I think your post was rather rude to Ken.
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Sam, Mandoplayer wasn't the original poster...
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It looks like black and red to me....

Mandoplayer- I sense a lot of haughtiness and hostility in your reply to Ken- is that really neccessary?
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Okay! I'll edit my post- Still a disgusting thing to say!
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