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I'm baaaaack!

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hey everyone! though I doubt anyone really noticed I'd been gone, I was away all week at camp, and I got home yesterday. I had SO much fun and met some really great people (and lots of cute guys!) and I actually don't want to be home. I cried the night before I left and all the way there because I didn't want ot go, and I cried the last day and all the way home because I didn't want to leave. ah, the drama of the life of a teen. well, I won't bore you with all my stories, but I have a million of them, and instead will go and catch up on my posts. did I miss anything important?
I would like to tell you a couple things that happened at home while I was away though. My letter came from my dance studio, and i made into the performing jazz group! I was so excited, I started jumping up and down barefoot in the middle of the street. we got a new rug and new comforter for my bed which the cats have already claimed as their napping place. AND...my kittens grew! I came home and they were so much bigger!!!!!! I told my parents not to let them grow any while I was gone, but it didn't work. oh well, they're still as cute as ever!
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Welcome Home. Boy did you just bring back many memories of me going to sleep away camp for four years in a row. Sorry about the kitten growing up but that does happen. When I go away for a weekend, mine grow up. Also, the new about dance class is really exciting (again, memories). Well, I guess it will take you a while to catch up but that will be fun along with catching up with some well deserved sleep. That's the one thing at camp that I didn't miss -- getting up at 6:00 a.m.

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Congratulations on being selected for your performing jazz group! That is quite an accomplishment!
Camp....what we used to do there probably cannot be written down..........

Welcome Home!
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Michelle!!!!!!!! yes we DID miss you!!! I wondered where you were! What kind of a camp was it?? I used to go to church camp for a week every summer when I was your age.... and yes....the guys were....

Do tell us all about it!!!!!!!!! Inquiring minds want to know!!! LOL
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welcome back, sweetie!

you were missed

Congratulations on your Dance!! i used to be a performer, Jazz, Ballet, Modern,
everything except Tap, pretty much.

good for you! :angel2:
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I feel so loved! ok, I was at...(I hate telling people this) sigh...band camp. I play the sax (alto) and I had soooooooooo much fun!!!!! I can't write down a lot of the stuff we did, but, gosh darn it, I have to go. Ill write about it later, right now, I have to babysit. bye for now!
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I don't know which ones to tell! hmmmmmm... I'll tell you about the guy who smells good!(ahh, the drama of a teenager!) well, at the end of the week, we have a dance. and so it was the last dance, and I found a guy I wanted to dance with. all my friends told me to go ask him to dance, but I'm a chicken, and didn't want to. so in the end, I walked up just as his friend walked off. as I only came up to his chin, I wasn't quite sure how to get his attention, so i just stood there for a second. as I type this, I realize it is a pretty stupid story. long story short: I danced with him, he smelled really good, and I got a picture with him the next day. let me think of a good story.
ok, me, erin, and lauraine were walking on the beach when we came across this little 12 year old burying his little friend in the sand. so we stop to talk to them, and the one in the sand (Gavin) goes, "The sand is cold" and it was the cutest thing in the world, so we adopted them for all week. and we called Max (the other one) Little Doug because he looks like this guy from last year, and they both had really curly blond hair. and they were really cute. thats my story, and if i was talented enough to post pics, I'd put some of them (and the guy who smells good) up here. but i'm not, so I won't.

~really, my stories are a lot better than they sound. Another one is in the Paws and Reflect forum uner my Favorite Poem. I had fun. I'll leave it at that
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Michelle... I thought your stories were great! I wonder what cologne the good smelling guy was wearing?
I know you are a teenager, but I can't remember how old exactly you are....can you refresh my memory? My step-daughter is 16, and she also plays the sax....but she is now saving up money to buy an electric guitar!
Band camp sounds like it was fun! It does remind me of the movie...American Pie (which by the way, you shouldn't watch for a few years... :laughing: ) where the girl keeps saying...."one time...at band camp...."
Glad you had such a great time!
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Maybe? Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed "band camp." And that's great dance news!

I always hated the summer-camp scenario until I was in high school. Before then, camp situations involved my being in the Boy Scouts of America; but early on in high school I was elected to the Order of the Arrow while an Explorer — and those camping gigs were great! Gone was the regimentation of the Boy Scouts, replaced by the company of kids who knew how to spend time in the "woods." (Our "woods" consisted of the Everglades.)

No boring y'all with Joe's Adventures here. Your anecdotes sound much more interesting. Do tell!

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yup, I've heard all the band camp jokes. esp since last year, I played flute. ugh! I tell someone I went to band camp, and the next thing out of my mouth is a warning that if I hear one American Pie joke from them, their gonna be telling the next one from 6 feet under the ground. it gets annoying. I'm sorry, I forget who asked, but I'm 15. I can't think of any good stories right now; I'm really tired. I need to go catch up on my sleep!
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Michelle....I sure hope I didn't offend you with the American Pie thing...I didn't know everyone always says that to you...please forgive me!
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