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Comfort Foods?

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I want to put a basket together for my friend. If you would be kind enough to give me your list of comfort foods, I will see if I can draw inspiration from them-

I have chocolates and teas, and tomato soup and crackers and??????
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bean dip and tortilla chips
chocolate pudding
hot chocolate
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Fresh bread, either home made or from a bakery.
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My husband's engineering team put together a wonderful basket for me! There were several types of teas, imported breads, short bread cookies, cheeses, crackers, bagels, muffins, granola bars, fruits, etc. The basket was huge! With the handle, it reached my waist. (I'm 5' 7".) I'm sure they spent several hundred dollars, but you could do something on a smaller scale. They had it delivered to the funeral home.
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bread and real butter or honey butter

munchies - anything I can eat with my fingers, but popcorn rates right up there.

chocolate, (not that big on my list, but it is for almost everyone else in the world).

My dad really appreciated pre-prepared (but not cooked) casseroles that all he had to do was stick it in the oven and he had food for a few days. He especially appreciated the ones where he didn't have to return the pan (the one-use pans), unless you just wanted to make a point of seeing her again in a week. It's a good excuse.
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NUTELLA!!! i guess I really like that hazelnut chocolate spread
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muffins, bagels, cookies.. Last christmas I gave bf's parents a basket it had the above plus little packages of different cream cheese spreads for the bagels and muffins, small packages of coffee in flavors like french vanilla, hazelnut, etc... It had these delicious to die for strawberry cream muffins that i stole lol
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Hmm how about flavored hot chocolates, the hazelnut & mint ones in particular are very soothing.
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comfort foods...I always go for peanut butter cookies or potato soup. Also mints, soft peppermints or even had peppermint candies. A vaniella scented candle or some other kind of stress reducing candle would be great.
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I like the candle idea Also my mom makes these big pretzel sticks dipped in caramel and chocolate--so yummy.. If it's for a woman maybe some bath salts or something too..
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This isn't a comfort food but would go very nicely into a basket of food.

Try adding some natural bath salts, soaps (her/his favourite scents). Add some scented candles, votives and even larger ones. When lit they seem to comfort most people especially in the bath using the scented soap and bath salts!

In the food department fresh homemade maple syrup and fresh from the hive honey. I would definately recommend the honey butter it's delicous.

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Yes, not a food but the candles. I love candles they are soothing and when she lights it you will be in her thoughts.
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The cure-all for any woes![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\beige hopping blinker.gif[/IMG]
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Congratulations are in store for ME! I've been working and studying for 2 weeks and finally got something to come alive in here. WHOOPEEE! Look at that little kitty go, my first time.
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RhBarb- You're animated kitty is cute!

Hissy- I also like the candle idea. . . . was going to suggest it before I saw that someone else already did. Preferably one in it's own jar, like a Yankee Candle or something similar.

Flavored teas, coffee, honey,crackers, cheese, chocolate, cookies (have you seen Pepperidge Farms new mini ones?? The Milano ones are yummy. How about something nutritious like almonds, fresh fruit, trail mix?

If your friend is the spiritual type. . . . maybe a good book about life after death. . . . like one by John Edward? After my dad died I devoured these types of books looking for answers.

Or how about soothing music?

Just a thought. . . .

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What a wondefrul thought, to put together a comfort basket.

I know this may be not something you thought of, or maybe not wanted to go that far, but if they have a garden, what about a nice flowering shrub that flowers this time of year, annually. They could plant it in memory of John.

As for the basket, non-perishable foods, like canned goods. I imagine it may be a few days before they can face food again, but when they do, I imagine it will have to be anything instant, but filling. What about tea and coffee.

By the way, I love the idea of relaxing bath stuff and candles.
I imagine they will need any comfort they can get.
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