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For now the pressure is off

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Or maybe it is still on...But we have decided to keep the new family. Through a local woman I was able to find good barns for a few of my ferals leaving space for the new-kits-on-the-block. There have been a few people coming to adopt them, but I don't feel right about the ones who have shown up. These kittens are special, both in how we came to acquire them, and who their parents are. But for right now the decision is we keep them, unless some very special people show up who deserve their love.
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I support your decision. You will know when the right family comes along -- if ever.

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It would be a constant battle with me too if I had to decide whether to give those beautiful babies up. You have a heart of gold and its very comforting and reassuring that their are people like you left out their to help care for our wonderful creatures. Thank you for caring for them all so well. You're definitely an :angel2:

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My heart is very HAPPY tonite; knowing that you will be keeping the new family until "Just the right new parents" come along. . . . . .

A happy dance and blob fest for the TRACTOR FAMILY. . . . :pinky::pinky:


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Yippee Skippee...........

Now we can see lots more pics of these little beauties as they grow up!
Adoption party????????????????? :rainbow: :rainbow:
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Hissy; I forgot to ask if Fern is feeling any better. Do you think her parasite infestation is getting any better? The babies aren't still nursing regularly; are they? They look to be old enough to start on kitten chow. I will continue to pray for all of you. God opened a window for you by finding "barns" for some of your ferals and that allowed the margin for you to keep this "new family" God is indeed GOOD and WISE beyond our understanding. . . . . . .
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I am ready for her to have a set-back. I have sprayed her nipples with bitter apple, the kits have been on solid food since their arrival here yet continued to try and nurse mom. Once I sprayed her their efforts stopped. Fern gets better, then she gets worse. I have researched all over the net looking for answers, but she doesn't have a textbook case of anything. Just the runs, and the monstrous appetite, and drinking so much water. But she is not lethargic, nor does she have a fever and if the parasites were all that was wrong, I believe I would be seeing some monsters in her stool and I am not. I am going to call the vet tomorrow to see what he thinks or if he wants to see her.
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Hissy - not an expert here - but has the Vet considered Fern might be diabetic? The appetite and the thirst?
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Dear Hissy, :angel2:

My Ninya had the same thing or something so much like it!!!! I had the vet continuously give her meds for the diarreah, finally it went away never to return ...but poor baby lost so much wieght it was scary! It must've been some kind of really bad cat flu cause the doc didn't find anything bad! Good Luck...

Love & God Bless To All!
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I dont blame you for wanting to keep those beautifull kittens. I would not be able to give them up myself. I sure hope the mom is feeling better soon.

I was just curious too as to how you screen people about taking a kitten. Do they have to fill out some kind of info sheet or do you just get a feeling about some people. Also you must get some nasty reactions when you turn somebody down.
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I have learned that paper does not tell you anything. What I do is have the people come here and look at the cats. If they express an interest, I ask a ton of questions and tell them what each cat or kitten deserves to have. If they still want one, they don't walk out with one right away. I get their address and tell them I need to see where these cats might be going. I never say in definite terms during this process that the cat is *theirs* Then I make an appt. to go over and I go over and look at the situation. Most of the cats that end up here have been severely mis-handled and I want to get a feel of where they are going. I look at the kids, if there are other animals, all sorts of factors. Then I tell them I have to think about it some more, come home and Mike and I enter into prayer about it. Then I make a surprise visit to the home, and depending on what I find, I tell them then the decision. Each kitten costs $10.00 when the people give me the money, they get a certificate for spaying or neutering. Asking for money up front assures me (as much as it can) that the kitten isn't going for snake food or anything. I used to also judge the people by the interior of the car, but that bit me in the butt last time I placed Karma with a family.

I do get some nasty reactions at times, but for the most part people are supportive of what I do. One lady told me once I missed my calling and should of been a social worker! LOL I also keep the name and address of the family that does pass muster for a year, and do spot checks spur of the moment to see how the animal is doing.
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Gosh Hissy,

You & your hubby are my heros!!!

Love & Many Blessings!!!!
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Hissy....my is with you and those babies!!!!!!

if there was some way I could adopt Fergie, I would!!!!!!!!!
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