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My 10 babies retested FeLV negative!!!!!

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Took all my cats in for a FeLV retest yesterday and all 10 of them are negative. My kittens (Muddy and Koko) are out of quarantine and loving life again. We had no issue with reintroducing them to the 8 adults after their 30 day separation. In fact, the adults all perked up once again and are actively playing with the kittens.

Now I only need to find a home for Ruby (Best Friends has sent some additional insights on how to go about this), and I will be picking up the live trap from the vets today to start catching the outside kittens for neutering (they are close to 5 months old and ready for it now).

We came a long way yesterday. I might be able to eat and sleep again!

And here is the funny part of yesterday. We brought in 3 cats at a time to the vet for retesting (it's all the cage and car room that we have), so had to make a number of trips. On the first trip, we tell the vet techs that we are going to owe them BIG TIME for all the help and support they have given us through our ordeal. Leia tells us that someone dumped a kitten in their parking lot 5 days earlier, and it will be ready for adoption on Saturday after they run thru the rest of their tests and finish its 7 day quarantine. While waiting the 10 minutes for the test results to show up, she takes us in back to show us this kitten (10-12 week old tuxedo female). She turns out to be quite the little ham, instantly grabbing our faces, licking us and purring like there's no tomorrow. As expected, we both melted. We then debated its name for the rest of the afternoon as we took the others in for their tests. Funny how they offered the abandoned kitten right after we told them we owed them BIG TIME.

Do we have a big "S" on our foreheads for sucker or what?!?!?!? I'll post a picture of the little girl and have a naming contest sometime over the weekend.
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That IS great news!! Whew, what a day you must have had, though, I only have 3, and it's major work getting them back and forth to the vets.

No "S", I think, more that you must seem really nice and they probably felt better placing the kitty with someone who obviously loves and cares for them well.
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Oh What a relief this mus be and how luck the little girli will be to have you as a mom and to have so many new brothers and sisters for playmates. Sucker, well maybe - but I would take it as a compliment!

Congrats on the little one!
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