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Ok all the late-nighters can laugh at me

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A few days ago on the way to town, we saw in front of our drive, out in the road, a dead skunk. Both Mike and I were sad, because even though we complained about her occassional burst of signature, we really didn't mind her being here and would often go outside and find her and the cats together in peace. So I moved her off the road into the weeds for nature to claim her back.......

Tonight, I went to feed quite late. I was on the phone with my friend Lisa so I missed the regular feeding. On the way to the barn, my flashlight went out. Grumbling, I was making my way to the barn carefully when my leg brushed against something soft. Thinking it was a cat, I was ready to apologize when I heard the dreaded and angry stamping of feet (the typical warning sign of a ticked off skunk!) I turned my back and ducked and oh my God, the smell almost drove me to my knees. I ran back to the house and jumped in the shower while Mike went to get tomato juice so I could wash my hair and stuff--YUCK!!!! I guess that wasn't our skunk after all in the road, but another one- You can stop laughing now- and I am still sick to my stomach from the overpowering stench.
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Ewwwwwww! I'm sorry maryanne that it happened, I don't know anything about Skunks but I have seen from movies that they smell really bad!

I hope that horsey bite isn't getting you down? How's it healing?

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That's sad about the dead skunk as well!

Are skunks kinda like possums? Do you have possoms over there?

( Just curious) ..lol
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No the horsey bite isn't getting me down, it just is sore is all. This day is a definite contender of a do-over. I would love to turn back the clock and have John-John still alive and my friend still whole.

About the only thing a skunk and a possum have in common is they both typically come out at night to hunt and feed. The skunk sprays a thin oily substance and if you think cat urine can travel, this little skunk was on the ground in front of me and I am 6 foot and she managed to get it in my hair and on my back. YUCK! I told Mike I would take the couch tonight to save him from my odorous self!
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MA, LOL!! I sure hope you got that stench off you...
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me too
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Ohh I see! Does the stench last long? Can you wash it off?

So sorry!

Poor John-John , I think that's just too sad!

Sorry to hear the bite is sore hun, hope it gets better soon!

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What a stinking end to a stinking day. So sorry, hissy, for what you and yours are going through now. When every word is an understatement.

Glad that the horsey bite is better, was worried. Yuck, we've just had skunks strolling by and the stink, for miles.
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Oh Hissy, LOL. I have heard it smells like eucalyptus.
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Oh no! I don't even know if could giggle at you being sprayed... it's such an awful odor. I hope the tomato juice worked. And I don't know if I'm remembering correctly or not, but I thought someone posted about Febreze neutralizing skunk spray smell as well.
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Mmmmm I like the smell of Febreze!
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I got news for you- this ain't eucalyptus! LOL I can't even describe the smell except to say that I was hugging the porcelain god for about 30 minutes afterwards trying to get rid of the after effects- OH stop laughing!
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hey Heidi? I wonder if vodka would work to neutralize the smell?
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Are skunks friendly?

Sorry I have so many questions!
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Are they friendly? Do you mean can you pet one? Actually you can keep them as pets in certain states once you get them de-skunked. They are curious wonderful creatures, and the only reason she sprayed me was because I stepped on her. Mike went out with the flashlight later to see what was captivating her attention and she was keeping vigil at a mouse hole and I disturbed her. Had it been one of my ferals I would have gotten scratched, but she had a sterner lesson to teach me!

Here you go Sam:

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I hope the link works! I saw it advertised on the bottom of this page!!http://petsupplies4less.com/index.pl...Odor%20Control
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My condolences on your mishap with Madame Pepe Le Pew. I'm in So. Calif. and we have always had skunks coming around the house late at night and they don't ever spray because nothing bothers them. But, the smell just floats in their wake. I think they smell because they just do! I run like heck around the house shutting windows when I smell "Flower" coming. We live near a wash and they follow the wash down from the foothills. I have ALWAYS had o'possums around. Sometimes I run into one just after dark, picking up sunflower seeds out of the birdseed I throw around. They growl at me menacingly! And, one of those two animals leaves tooth marks in my squash. They don't hurt them, just gnaw a little LOL. Its a wonder they don't eat tomatoes, but they don't bother them. Anyhoo, Hissy, what an awful experience for you, the nawrsty liddle cridder!
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Thanks for that MA, Skunks are the cutest , I'm book marking it for later!

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ewwwww poor hissy!! Yucky yucky!
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Yeah, I had a skunk get under my house once at the beach--they're all over down here in SD--and the cats complained about the smell.

Possums can stink to high heaven too, they just don't spray it. When I was in Chicago Possums would run down between the apartment buildings (there was a grassy yard there) and you could always smell them coming!

Baby possums are cute, though. When I first moved to SD I'd get a baby possum in my house every spring. I learned how to capture them and hold them till the possum rescue could come out. I had one fall asleep in my hand.

I hear the biggest problem about having skunks as pets is that they love to eat and will eat themselves to death if you don't watch it. They're supposed to be extremely loving.
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Originally posted by hissy
I wonder if vodka would work to neutralize the smell?
Vodka does neutralize a lot. Will you be drinking it or bathing in it?
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skunks are legal pets in NJ I have been bugging hubby to let me have a guina pig, but he says I have enough pets. Since when is 12 cats, two dogs and a tank of fish enough pets
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
I have been bugging hubby to let me have a guina pig, but he says I have enough pets.
My sister had a pair of guinea pigs. One ate the other! We used to have all kinds of critters when I was growing up. Never a pet skunk though.

Hissy! How you smellin' this morning, hun? Are you still a stinky butt? LOL. You poor dear. 30 minutes paying homage to the porcelain god must have made your ribs hurt, eh?

I haven't seen my Peppy in quite a while. Makes me wonder if my neighbor didn't take care of him once and for all. I hate it when he does that -- he usually just goes after the rabbits, but I wouldn't be surprised if he finally gave Peppy the final goodbye.
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You poor thing.
You might find some product at a local pet store to banish the smell.

I know a woman who owns a wonderful little country craft shop in town. She had a family of skunks living under the front porch (under part of her shop). Her husband had to catch them and take them for a ride to the country. This was last year. She still has the smell lingering in there!

Also, I'm surprised that no one mentioned here. . . . be careful as skunks can be rabid.

I once went for a walk at night and was chased by one! I ran like the Dickens.

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Originally posted by jmvito
Hissy! How you smellin' this morning, hun? Are you still a stinky butt? LOL
I'm wondering about that too! White vineagor is another good ordor neutralizer. If nothing else works, maybe you could try a vineagor bath?

Sam, someone needs to invent a click and sniff feature for the internet just for people like you. LOL!!!!
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Ewwwwww poor Hissy! Did the tomato juice get the smell out of your hair? I always wondered how good that actually worked. And I can imagine you're still sick to your stomach! I had a skunk spray right under my bedroom window once and I had a fan in the window. I was sick for days! Yucky!
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Originally posted by hissy
hey Heidi? I wonder if vodka would work to neutralize the smell?
If you drank enough it would at least neutralize it to you !
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LOL I was nicely neutralized last night, thank you! I had a bottle of vodka and 1/2 of it went in the washing machine with my poor clothes and shoes and the other half.......well never mind!

Last night it was hard to sleep. Every so often I would get a whiff of myself- (no tomato juice does not work to get the smell out of hair, but it does change it a lovely color! LOL) or then I would wake up thinking miss skunkaroo had gotten in the house-but it turned out to be poor Ripley apparently she was close to the action last night as well! I am not about to bath a pissed-off feral at 2:00 in the morning so her bath waits, but did she have to sleep on my feet last night?
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OMG , I just was reading that thread . Poor MA , I feel for you . Skunks can look so cute imo , but here in Ga. I think we don't have any . But after reading this I think that's good . I can see myself being sprayed a few times .I hope you doing ok today after yesterday , what a day for you . Hope your flower smell is gone by now . I wish you a better day today
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So, did the vodka work on the clothes?

I had read in a cat book on vacation that vodka actually works better than vinegar to completely remove cat urine odor, and I asked our resident experts if they had tried it. If it works for skunk, I think we can safely suggest it for cat pee!

Maybe you should get more and try it on your hair? It may dry it out, but dry hair is better than skunky hair any time!
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