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I want to put a collar on Kitty, so that if she does get out (and she always tries, just doesn't always succeed) people will know she has a home and is not a stray. I have tried this before, but Kitty doesn't like collars. When we got her, I bought her a collar that she could get out of if it got caught on something. It had a bell on it, but she got the bell off in about 15 minutes. She somehow got the collar off by herself in about 2 hours, and destroyed it somehow. Haven't tried it since. Does anyone have any ideas on what kind of collar to try or how to get her to wear it?
We got her from a shelter about 4 1/2 years ago, and at the time they thought she was about 1 1/2 years old, so she's about 6 now (we think). Is she too old to accept this? Would I be better off accepting that she doesn't want a collar?
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Since she doesn't like collars and I don't believe she ever will, show about micro-chipping her. If she ever got out (doG forbid) and is caught, the local vets or human society could trace her home to you. My dogs are chipped but my cats never even think about going out or are they allowed to. I don't belive in collars for 2 reasons. First, although they have the ones that will detatch if they get caught, sometimes, they don't break right away. Second, with a constant collar on, the hair folicals around the neck get destroyed and when you finally do take the collar off, the neck hair will never grow back and you will always see a indentation of where the collar use to be. Just remember, this is just my opinion. I know people who do use collars successfully.

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Haven't thought about microchipping her. Don't know if she would like that since it involves a trip to the vet (she really hates going to the vet!! ) It is worth thinking about, though. Thanks.
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Just a little tip: before you decide on micro-chipping make sure that the local shelter has the equipment they need for this. Not all shelters are that advanced and then there is no way of knowing if the cat has a chip.
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I have several cats who we had problems with collars - however every one of these felines will wear a leather collar!

Hope this helps!

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with Loki it was the bell that drove him nuts - can you blame him - as sson as I took the bell
of he stoped messing with the collar. Hope this helps.
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Someone just posted about her cat going to the vet for an emergency visit because her quick release cat collar got stuck in her mouth and it gouged her tongue open
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Oh my gosh, the collar cut the cats tongue? Well, I was going to say that I don't like collars for one simple reason; you never know where or when they will get caught on something which can be VERY dangerous.
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The post was by Cheri in the behavior forum, I copied it so all could read.
I have 10 month old sisters (litter mates)Ashes and Misty (Totally indoor kitties) that were inseparable until Misty had a collar accident. The collar got half in her mouth and half around the back of her head during self grooming and it seriously cut her tongue. I had to take her in for stitches which kept her at the vets over night. (I wish I had known how dangerous collars could be before this happened!!!! This was a safety collar mind you! Our kitties are now and forever collarless!!!! I will never put one of those nasty things on them again!) The big problems is that Ashes (the more docile of the two usually) Is hissing, batting at and generally avoiding and being mean to Misty. The vet said this may happen because 90% of a cats world is understood through their noses and Misty would smell like the vet and not herself. Does anyone know what I can do to help them be friends and buddies again? How long does this usually last? We are soooooooo sad to see them like this! They were never away from each other since birth! Please help if you can! I read a thread here about making cats smell alike but can't find it anymore? Please any help would be soooooo appreciated!
Thank you!
Sad Sad Kitty Mommy Chery
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This is off the subject...but, is Loki the same Loki the Urinator that I've read about in another forum?
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I have had a collar on my cat for over 2 yrs. and have never had a problem-in fact, I had no idea that it had unsafe possibilities! Are the microchips expensive? I'm a student so i simply don't have a lot of $$ to spend, and my older cat tried to get out EVERY single time I open the door. He absolutely loves to go outside, and will even try to jump off my 2nd story patio to go play in the grass (needless to say I dont let him on the patio anymore)

Part of the reason I have a collar on him is also b/c he is super agressive, and the bell helps to warn my kitten and me when he is about to attack one of us-he doesn't just play around-it sounds unbelievable, but I have scars all over my arms and legs from his BITE marks!
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I with the anti-collar group...I've had two cats over the years who wore collars successfully for a long time then suddenly got them stuck in their mouths and sustained damage.

Only one of my cats goes outside with any regularity, and even then only under supervision, so it isn't an issue for me so much as it may be for others.

I like the harness-type things much better than a neck collar.

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