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Live Chat?

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Does The Cat Site sponsor live chats anywhere?

On a couple of my on-line grief groups, we have live chat get togethers. Someone usually schedules a date, time, and location, etc., and publishes it to the group. Those can show up do so, and it's a great deal of fun. We try to encourage chatters to use the log in names we are accustomed to seeing so we know who's who.

Anyone interested? If so, does anyone have ideas where to host a live chat?
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It would be fun! But I think this was brought up a few months back, and it never got off the ground.
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Do you know why not?
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I don't remember, honestly. I think they were talking about setting it up through mIRC and it was too confusing for some....
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To bad , it would be fun just to talk
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Thanks, MA, I couldn't find it. I think the caffeine in my bloodstream is starting to wear thin!
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IRC is a blast and when properly moderated is even informative. Maybe some of those who use it regularly could write a tutorial to help those who don't know mIRC very well get started, it's not to hard to learn the basics. If you guys ever decide to do this count me in.
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Meezermobile, your kitties (In your signature) are adorable!!!!
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It's a shame but it's for the best and I would never argue with Anne's decisions.

We can just chat on the spam thread!
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