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Probably a dumb question but......

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Should I report a colony of feral cats and kittens to the local OSPCA?

A neighbour that lives about 1/2 a mile away has so many cats and kittens and they roam all over the place. Lately a few of them have been coming over to my property and I'm thinking that they just want to check out the new kittens in the area, MINE!!!!!!!!

What should I do?

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Why don't you get with your neighbor and TNR these ferals, setup a feeding and watering station, and maybe they won't wander in your yard. If you report these poor cats they'll probably be destroyed. Here's a site that will help you learn all about TNRing:

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I've already tried talking to my neighbour about his cats and he used the bad language. He's not interested in anyone offering advice or even helping. I would like to see these cats and kittens get a good home, but after the first talk with him I think that they should just be left alone.

Even his relatives have spoken to him and have received the same nasty response. What can I say, the man is down right rude, arrogant, obnoxious and ignorant ...... and the list goes on!

I will get together with his relatives and get some friendly traps set on all of our properties. This will be the only way that we will be able to help this poor cats and kittens.

Wish us luck, God only knows that we'll need it!

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This man is most likely sick. Has anyone been inside his home? He sounds like he may be a hoarder, and that is a mental disease. There could be animals suffering in there.

Have you contacted any local rescue agencies as opposed to official agencies? Canada must have an equivalent of a Health and Human Resources Department. Someone from this agency really ought to visit this gentleman if you suspect there may be more animals inside.

Often in the case of hoarders, they are left alone until it is too late.

Even here in the states, many animal control agencies will work with local rescue groups to help place hoarded animals into new homes as opposed to keeping them at animal control and euthanizing them if they are not adopted out under their normal deadlines and procedures.

Good luck trapping those cats off of his property. !!!!!

Unfortunately, I know nothing about Canada's laws and animal control practices. But my first reaction reading your post and that gentleman's response is that there may be other animals in need here.

Please keep us posted!!!
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Thank you both, I will need all the luck and encouragment that I can get. I know that he also has 2 dogs, 1 is tied up outside and constantly barks and howls. To get that dog to be quiet he takes a starter pistol and fires it in the air!

The other dog is an indoor dog and hardly ever sees the light of day, so I'm going to do my best to see that all of these poor animals are captured and then taken away from him!

In my heart I know that what I will be doing will be in the best interest of the animals and NOT THE IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!
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I wish you the best of luck! Please keep us posted on what happens.
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God how awful! You are doing a wonderful thing. Best of luck be with you!!!!!!
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