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I think I have a stupid question

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Are Calico cats considered purebreds?

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Calicos in general, no, are not purebred. But you can have Calico patterns in purebred cats! Calico is the pattern, not the breed.

Example: Calico American Short Hair. Calico is the pattern, American Short Hair the breed.

But purebred or not, calicos are beautiful kitties!

And that was not a stupid question!
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Thanks for answering my question, Mom of 10 Cats.

My second question then is this, why have I been asked to pay $145.00 Canadian for a female Calico Kitten?

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That's a lot of money! Is it a purebred of some sort? (Persian, etc.) Otherwise, that is a lot of money to pay for a kitty.

Of course, if it is a rescue organization or shelter that is charging that, while it is expensive, you'd at least know your money was going to help other animals. However, if it is a private seller, I'd say they are just trying to make money!
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You got it, it's a private seller. No it's not a mix with a purebred like a Persian. It's just a male Calico and a female Calico that mated and now she gave birth. I really do want a Calico but I'm not going to pay $145.00 to someone for it.

A friend of mine has 2 female Calicos and one just gave birth on Tuesday to a litter of 3 males only. Her other female is 1 month pregnant and she offered me one of her kittens from that litter seeing as all the kittens from the first litter were male.

It's come down to "I'm the only female in the house and now I want a girl!!!"

April the Only Female
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Does this kitten come with shots, spay, and worming? I would also urge your friends to get their kitties fixed.

Also male calico's are rare and almost always sterile.
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I know a persian breeder who bred and owns a PROVEN tortie MALE persian. She has also had other male torties and now has a blue/cream male. Pretty freaky huh???
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The only stupid question is the question never asked.

*edited grammer *
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Skykitten LOL my husband wanted us to pick up a girl kitty when we went out, that way he could say he had a harem.
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I also haved a random question but breeders might know...How easy is it to get a $300-$400 british shorthair kitten this time of year in Southern California? where? My little Shady is moving out with her mama (my sister) and i really want a British shorthair. Thanks
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Thank you for all of your replies I really appreciated reading them. However, due to my illness I've made the hardest decision and that would be to delay for an indefinate period of time to adopt another kitten.

Before I do adopt another kitten in the far off future, I most definately will adopt from the local animal shelter. After reading what everyone has said, I believe the shelter is the best place to adopt!

Thank you for all of your replies!
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