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help please, thread comming out of rear!

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My 4 month old kitten had thread comming out of her rear! I've heard horrible stories about thread doing damage to their intestines. alot has come out and she keeps licking it, but i don't want her to keep pulling it out. She pooped fine this morning and is eating and not acting like it's hurting. Should I wait to see if it will pass? I would have to take her to an emergency clinic and right now I really can't afford that. What would a vet do about it?
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Your cat needs a vet NOW do not remove this thread no matter what and take this cat in right now!
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Well I took her to the 24 hour clinic, and they took x rays. The vet showed me that she could see some thread in her colon and said that if it had made it that far, there would probably not be a problem. She did see something just a little further back in the colon that she said looked "funny" and that scares me. She just told me to watch her close and report ANYTHING abnormal. If you would suggest anything else let me know. Tonight I think I'll stay up with her to be safe.
Thank you for such a quick reply Hissy. Every time I have come online with a problem, you have had an answer within minutes. I know tonight has been rough on you, and you and everyone involved will be in my prayers.
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I would go and get a can of canned pumpkin and mix about a teaspoon in with some canned food and give it to your cat to help pass this object through. Thank you for taking the cat in even though money is scarce. Pulling the string out yourself could have had disastrous results.
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Yeah, I knew not to pull it 'cause if it was stuck, I could've really hurt something in there. I['m just wondering why in the world would cats find string appetizing?!! I'm getting overwhelmed with cats. I had two, two years ago, picked another two up at the last apartment complex I lived in, one happened to be pregnant(that's when I found this site) and ended up with a grand total of four kittens and four adults. One of the kittens died, one found a good home with my mom, and I've got the other 2 four month old rugrats. The little girl is the one with the thread problem. I'm so attached to both the kittens now that I don't know if I could give them up. The moma cat is a real problem though, my first intention was to spay her and either let her go (but that area was rampant with FIV) or put her on a waiting list for a no kill shelter. She is still soooo feral, hides all day and only comes out at night. I just don't know what to do with her. When I first caught her she was so scared that she wouldn't bite or scratch at all, but now she hates me.
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Cats look at string like they would a mouse tail and they will attack and eat string if it is around. They even will swallow a needle and thread in their exuberance! Dental floss is another thing that they will attack, and if you have a toy on a string you need to supervise playtime with it at all times.

And I doubt the momma cat hates you, she probably just doesn't trust you yet. It takes time to win a feral cat's trust especially if she has a really rough time of it out in the world.
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The title of this thread brought back memories for me. My cat ChiChi at my parents house once had thread coming out of her butt. If I recall correctly we took her to the vet and had the same outcome as you.. luckily it didnt cause a blockage or tie up her intestines or anything

Zoey has eaten her feathers, mice tails.. its pretty scary. I now keep all strings, threads or anything of this kind away from her when I'm not home to supervise.
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From now on everything resembling string will be thrown away or put up! I'm still waiting for Ashley, the thread eater, to poop. I would go to the store and get the pumpkin stuff, but there is not a 24 hour store within a 32 mile radius! I think I'll sleep with just her me and the litter box tonight.

About my feral cat momma: Do you know of any good links or strategies to help them start to trust you? All she does is stay under the bed, and when she's not under there she runs and hides somewhere else. I feel so sorry for her she's been with me now for six months doing nothing but being scared. I'm afraid of her now too because she got me good one time with about eight quarter inch deep teeth wounds. That was the last time I ever attempted to touch her. I haven't even had her spayed yet but I'm hopeing that will help some.
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It's been a few days now since the scare and everything seems to be fine with Ashley !!! It was a real relief on that third day knowing that if anything was going to go wrong, it would have happened already.
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Perhaps this article might help you? I don't know if you have seen this yet or not, it's been on site for quite awhile:

Handling Feral Cats
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