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I'm Glad You're All Here

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As I'm a little homesick (let's not tell Rene, Clint, Sandy, Ken, Michelle or Donna) as they are back home at a cat show and I live 5 hours away by plane (which is not cheep to fly home for all the shows). I do go home to judge but when I'm not, I would get lonely until Rene told me about you guys. My husband caught me looking on the computer at homes back east and is wondering if I'm thinking about moving home. I actually love living where I am and have been here almost four years. I do miss some things but not enough for me to move home -- yet (but we won't let dh know that). I just wanted to say thanks for all of you for being here.

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Oh Frannie, I can completely relate. I'm from Indiana orginally & now I live in Maryland. I've been in MD for 6 years now. I think I get more homesick as time goes on. While I've met some really interesting & great people, none of them compares to the friends I have back home. Everytime my brother goes to my dads for a sunday bbq I get so jealous. Sometimes I really feel like I'm missing out on a lot.

I do miss some things but not enough for me to move home -- yet

I feel the same way. I'm able to do things with my career here, that i can't do back in Indiana. I haven't done everything I need to yet, and the pull isn't great enough yet to override that & make me move back home.

hang in there kid! if you ever need to talk, I'm here for you.
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Dear Frannie; I know how hard it is to leave "old friends". We LOVE YOU also and are here for you anytime/anything. . . .

Isn't it great to have a place like this to go when OLD MAN MELANCHOLY strikes? :bat

No, Nena 10, OLD MAN MELANCHOLY is not related to WATERMELLON or OLD MAN RIVER or MEL TORME' or BORDER COLLIES. . . . (no offense, Nena, I just needed someone to address the pun to; to try and make Frannie smile. . . . . :laughing: :flash:
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Thanks you two. The smile is on the face. We live better out here and have wonderful friends. I have a girlfriend who shows dogs and she's originally from Chicago. We support each other and if there is a show (whether dog or cat) nearby, we go to cheer each other on. I've actually succeeded on getting a few friends to move out here and the next on my list (since Rene and Clint can't because of their cause and the fact that I support their cause wholeheartedly) Sandie and Ken are on my list. Rene and I have this fun fight going on that Sandie and Ken can't move and that I'm the one that needs to move. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes think about it. Boy, I would love to see my husband's face if I told him we were moving back east.

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Frannie...I know what you are feeling sometimes. I go through it all the time!! Of course we would LOVE for you to be here so we could see each other all the time. But you have a life there and are very happy. I am just glad you get to fly here a few times a year. We were all talking about you this weekend. Thank god for cell phones! Sept will not be soon enough for us. Maybe you two can buy 2 houses..one here and one there
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Frannie.... we will always be here for you!!!! If you get lonely or sad...talk to us!!!! We you!!!!!!! I am so glad I have met you!!!!!!!
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I want you to move home because I am selfish and you belong in our crowd. There is more of us here and you have to come home (someday).
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