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cats and crochet

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Hi all.
I love to crochet and when I finish something my baby (a little over a year) likes to lay on them. I have no problem with this but I am worried she might get snagged or pull a loop. My sister in law wants an afghan and she just got a kitten. I am uncertain if this is an issue of possible endangerment for the kitten or not? What do you all think?
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I would say just enjoy how cute it looks. I wouldn't see there being a problem.
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Dun worry too much about it... they'll have a way to get about it...
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I knit as a hobby, and my little Spike likes to lie on whatever piece I'm currently working on.

If you want to make sure the little one's nails don't snag the stitches, I'd suggest clipping the ends of his nails. That way he won't pull out the stitches and won't get stuck either.
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Thats true. clipping does help. I love to see my Amber come on over and plop down on whatever I'm working on. Well, she doesnt plop as much as kind of comes over, stands on it first, twitches her nose, looks at me and then gets comfortable.
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I love when Spike takes an interest in what I'm doing too... especially when I'm knitting something and he decides that it's the prime time to go to sleep on my project. And since he's not a lapcat but is sleeping on me... well, needless to say, I don't move until he wakes up and moves first. I don't get any of my project finished, but it's worth it.
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I know EXACTLY what you mean. I wont move unit she gets up. Theyre so precious. I'll have my husband get up instead if I need something.
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