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I'm hearing on TV that there has been a major power outage thru out most of the NorthEast USA, and Canada. Including NYC, Toronto, and other cities in that vacinity. It's even affecting Detroit and that area as well.

They said there seems to be a major fire in the Con Ed station in Manhattan. Subways aren't working, and people are walking across the bridge from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.
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Anyone watching the news? I see there are power outages throught New York, Detroit, Toronto. I am about 1 hour north of Detroit. My power has gone on/off several times in the last hour. What's the deal?
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NEW YORK (CNN) -- A major power outage simultaneously struck several large cities in the United States and Canada late Thursday afternoon.

Cities affected include New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Toronto, Ontario; and Ottawa, Ontario. The power outage occurred shortly after 4 p.m.

Much of Midtown Manhattan and Wall Street were shut down, including all area airports and the Long Island Railroad. The airports were operating on back-up power and operations were reported to be normal, officials said.

The New York City Police Department said they were trying to determine what happened. A Con Edison transformer on East 14th Street in Manhattan was afire, CNN learned.

Thousands of people could be seen leaving buildings and walking into the streets. New York subways were reported stopped and people were trapped in the cars.
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I wonder, is there any connection to this computer worm? Maybe I'm just paranoid...
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I have CNN on and my lord the film of the people on foot is totally amazing! Everyone is just being told to go home and wait.
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Its a straight forward issue of a transformer at Niagara has gone down and that has caused a major outage in the areas concerned. Its not linked to any terrorist activity or computer virus or anything else - its like a huge fuse blowing thats all and its knocked out the power...
Someone call an electrician!!!!

wondering if his father has made it into genasceo in the USA - New York state yet from toronto.

It would never happen at my work would it!!!!
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Hope, that's not true! Don't take it personally....it happens pretty frequently especially when it's breaking news. Inevitably one person's thread get a reply which bumps it up and that's what people reply to more.

Hey, you scored brownie points with me. Hubby called with the "Breaking News" and I told him "Pfft, it's already on The Cat Site!" AND I was able to give him details that he didn't have.

So I thank you, Hope.
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Oops. guess you deleted that last post.
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Power cuts have hit a number of cities in North America and Canada, causing huge chaos.

The loss of power means that there are no subway trains or buses running in New York City, with reports suggesting that thousands of people are stranded in subway tunnels.

New Yorkers poured out of subway tunnels onto the streets, and with traffic lights failing and pedestrians walking next to cars, a gridlock quickly formed.

Meanwhile, parts of Detroit and Cleveland have been paralysed by loss of power, with similar problems being felt in Toronto and Ottawa and other parts of the American north-east.

Airports have closed and mobile phones have stopped working, while prisons in New York have also lost their power and have been forced to use back-up supplies.

Reports have said there is a fire at the Con Edison power plant in Manhattan, with other reports saying that the Niagara Mohawk power grid went down.

US power regulators have said that the loss of power in New York is having a cascading effect on the national grid, causing the problems in other areas.

The Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg said there was "no evidence" that terrorism had caused the power problems.
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I saw that on TV too! The pictures of all the crowds in New York City walking down the sidewalks and all the traffic are absolutely amazing!!!
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I found this picture on CNN.com of the crowds in NYC.

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i wonder what the weather is like? They were in a major heat wave last week weren't they? Can you imagine having to go home and sit in a hot apartment with no water or ac?
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Will be interesting to see if it is a fire or not (as is mentioned in the article).
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I'm away from home, does anyone yet know what began the fire and how long the outage is supposed to be?

worrying about family back east in NY,
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Ok I'm confused now. Are there two threads on this same topic? Or am I going crazy??
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I just merged them for you guys....

Here in CT we just lost power for a second, but a few hundred thousand are without power here. My concern is that since its going to take a few hours to bring back the power, what's going to happen on NYC.
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According to CNN Headline News, the mayor of NYC wants people to turn off their electical appliances, especially their airconditioners so they can get the power back on. The mayor is also concerned about the possibility of heatstrokes for those who are walking.
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As far as the weather, in Philly, which is usually about the same or only a degree or two off of NYC, it was 91 with 50% humidity today. Blecccchhh. Not the kind of weather for a stroll in the city.
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Me and hubby didn't find out about it until around 6
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It affected us, at work. The mainframe (in Detroit) went down at about 2:30 Pacific time. Some of us got routed into a training session and they shut down the facility and sent everyone home at 4:00. I only lost 1/2 hr but some people were scheduled until 7:00.

The Resolution Center, in Philly, shut down about an hour before we did.
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Power here in Michigan is slowly being restored. Until further notice, we are to boil our drinking and cooking water for 5 minutes.

There are about 100,000 consumers out of power in my area alone. I'm lucky, all I lost was cable. Though ... that meant my internet connection ... started getting withdrawals for a bit there. LOL.

Hope everyone else is safe and making the best of this situation.
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Originally posted by Tybalt
before it gets DARK
NYC is not the same city you seem to fear. And speaking of which, I couldn't help but thnik of 9/11 when I first heard this news.
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From CP24.com:

It was the electrical equivalent of an earthquake. A sudden and lengthy power outage hit Toronto and parts of the province, along with several major cities in the Eastern U.S. Thursday. It came without warning, when electricity was lost around 4:15pm.

It stretches from Toronto to Ottawa, Windsor and North Bay. There are reports some power has been restored to certain portions of the Niagara region, but no one's sure when Toronto will get it back.

The loss hit locally, creating chaos on the streets, with traffic lights out everywhere, streetcars unable to move, commuters trapped in subways, cell phone spotty in many areas, and some places – like the airport and hospitals – forced to rely on emergency back-up generators. There was also concern for people stuck on elevators in office towers, and on the subway, with air conditioning out and temperatures in the 30s.

It’s still not clear what caused the outage, which has also turned off the juice in New York, Buffalo, Detroit and Cleveland. U.S. authorities are adamant that terrorism isn’t responsible for the blackout, with the Big Apple’s Mayor blaming an overload of the Niagara power grid in Ontario for the problem. Other reports blame a fire in a New York City power station, while the Prime Minister’s office claims the fault lies in Niagara Falls, New York.

An earlier check with the province’s Independent Market Operator by Pulse24.com had one spokeswoman insisting there were no anticipated problems in Ontario due to the heat on Thursday. A spokeswoman revealed power was being imported from Winnipeg and New York. The fact parts of that state are blacked out, too, likely isn’t helping the situation.

Areas affected by Thursday's massive power blackout:


All of Toronto was without power. The city's transit system shut down, grinding rush hour to a halt and stranding commuters in 31 C heat. Those trying to make it home by car were snarled in gridlock; some commuters directed vehicles as traffic lights were out. Hospitals were functioning on backup power systems. Flights at Pearson airport were allowed to land, but only some international flights were allowed to take off, on a case-by-case basis.


Windsor dispatched police officers to all major intersections during the rush hour traffic.


Much of New York state was without power, including New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was likely the blackout started in the Niagara Falls area and quickly spread. Across Manhattan, people poured out of skyscrapers and started trudging home on foot. Traffic lights were out, and subways and buses stopped. New York's three major airports were without power.


Much of northern New Jersey was affected. Train service was cancelled and the state emergency management office was activated. There were no reported power problems in the eight southern New Jersey counties covered by Conectiv, the company said.


Power was out across a wide stretch of northern Ohio, from Toledo to Cleveland. Other cities reporting power outages included Akron, Elyria, Mansfield, Sandusky and Tiffin. FirstEnergy spokesman Matt Slagle said the company was getting reports of outages from customers throughout its coverage area in northeast Ohio. The company has 700,000 customers.


Power was out from Detroit to the state capital in Lansing. Detroit Metropolitan Airport remained open with some delays. The outage closed the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel between the United States and Canada.


Power flickered across Connecticut and some areas of the state lost electric service completely. Northeast Utilities said nearly 58,000 customers were without power. Fairfield County and Connecticut shoreline towns appeared to be the hardest hit.


The northwestern corner of the state was without power. Power went out to much or all of Erie, Forest and Venango counties, according to emergency management officials.


A handful of northern Vermont towns were hit. A portion of the Northeast Kingdom near Sheldon lost power for about an hour, according to the Central Vermont Public Service, which covers about three-fourths of the state. Some customers in Franklin County, including in Highgate and Swanton, also lost power briefly.


Talk about a wake up call! It's amazing when your in a city of 3 million people and all the street lights go out, traffic lights go out, subways and streetcars stop service, gas pumps are down, ATM's are down. Some people were stuck in the subway tunnels, others were stuck in elevators in the downtown core.

In Toronto this morning, they are requesting that only emergency service staff go to work this morning. I think 50% of Ontarians have their power restored as of right now, by 9am the rest should be up and running.

It kind of felt like the pioneer days, in a 21st century sort of way!

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Power went out where I am also. We were one of the lucky villages though. We were without for approximately 4 hours.

I was ready and willing to get the generator out and running. After Ice Storm 98, I really did not want to be without power. The last outage lasted 19 days here.... It was definately no fun... Thankfully, we had the woodstove to keep us warm and cook our meals on.

Oh my.... those poor people stuck in subways and elevators. That must definately be frightening.

Hope everyone is with power soon!
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Has it hit anyone here??? It hasn't over here in Arkansas, but I was just curious to all you easterners and some of canada....Here is a link to the info
Blackout Info
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I live about 1 hour north of Detroit. My power flickered a few times about 4:20 yesterday. But, luckily, it remained on. My cable went out for a couple of hours due to the power outages. There are about 100,000 consumers in my area without power. The county has placed us on a water ban as our water comes from Detroit So we must boil our potable water for 5 minutes before consuming it. I'm going to boil some today and stick it in the fridge. The cats are drinking bottled water. Everything seems pretty normal around here this morning save the water business.
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NH was unscathed. Thankfully!!

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See my thread that I started below called Blackout.

I'm headed to the cottage right now. Amazingly, my mother said they had no problems with their power.

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Luckedly we seemed to come thru unscathed.
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Having no problems in the midwest....The magnitude of the blackout is just amazing! I'm on a rural electric co-operative and they send out monthly newspapers to their customers. Last year sometime, they had a lengthy article on the "power-grid", it's general health, the checks and balances in place to prevent an outage, and what it would take to cause a major outage. They're assessment at the time is that there was a sufficient level of older equipment out there that was a disaster waiting to happen. With this assessment, they talked about how they selectively choose power sources that show a high degree of reliability, and won't tie into a part of the grid that they consider risky.

I wish I had kept that article.....they predicted this outage last year!

I can't wish the folks without power the best, as they are probably stranded without their PC's and can't get on the forum right now!
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