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goodbye sweet stubby

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A few days ago a furbabie that belong to my brother in law was killed by a car ..She was hit by a car and then left on the road to fend for her self ..my other brother in law was home and he ran to pick her up..Stubby was a 10 year old calico kitty with a stub for a tale ....the reason for her name ....stubby...She was rushed to the vet where latrer on that night she passed on ,,she was hemoraging and was unable to urinate ...She was unable to live in longer and was put to sleep ..this was a cat that they had saved as a baby and have had her ever since she was a few weeks old but because of a careless driver it was all over before she knew it ...unfortunately the family knows who the driver is ...Losing any furbabie is heart breaking enough especially our little stubby who was a remarkable old girl...
hopefully she is pain free and frollicking over the bridge.... missypoo322
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Missy, I am so sorry to hear that!
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Missy please tell your brother-in-law that I am sorry for his loss. I know how special calico's are. I am sure Stubby is pain free now and finding all sorts of new friends.
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Sympathies for his loss
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Sorry about the loss of Stubby. Please pass on my sympathies to your brother - in - law and his family.
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