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Originally posted by jmvito
Dumb and Dumber! The Cable Guy! Anything with Jim Carrey! He's so obnoxious!
AMEN! I can't stand him! I also completely hate MAster of Disguise.

My turn to get stoned: I HATED "Meet the Parents" and "Something About Mary".

It's funny, because some of the movies mentioned, I really liked.
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We've walked out of the theater a couple times, don't remember for which movies, thankfully, except for "White Hunter, Black Heart" Clint Eastwood.

Robocop 2 made us so sick we didn't make through the first 20 minutes, we had to turn the VCR off.
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for me. I rented "Three Kings" with G.Clooney. It was highly recommended by the critics. After 20 minutes from the start of the movie, of hearing the f-word non-stop and sexual jokes, I was RED with embarrassement. I thought I brought home a hilarious movie to watch with my PARENTS!! What I got was a foul-mouthed, dirty-minded, no-plot, poorly acted movie. I didn't care for "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" either!
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catlover, I hated Seven, too, for the same reason. I also thought Hannibal was a piece of crap, especially compared to Silence of the Lambs.
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Yes, Seven really got to me maybe because I am a woman. When they showed that "contraption" (the leather thingy with the knife on the end of it) that fits on a man's you know and then the purpose of it, almost made me faint from the thought of that "thing" being used on a woman. That film wasn't a film. It was a how-to manual for men to torture people. SICK!!

I stayed away from Hannibal. Sorry, even though Silence of the Lambs was somewhat gross, at leat the cat-and-mouse games between, Lecter, Starling, and the criminal, made for a great thriller, but Hannibal was ALL gratuitous violence from what I read.
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