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Biting my feet

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Corkscrew has developed a new habbit, he has started to bite my feet. I don't understand why he is doing this. Does he want me to play with him? He has never done this before, in fact up until recently he never even wanted any attention from me.
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Loki loves to try and bite my toes or run through me feet, turn and bite my Achilles heal.

With Loki it means that he wants my attention and that he wants to play. I try to keep a feather stick handy, yes I have many *LOL*, to distract him and turn his energy toward it.

If I am too tired to play just give a firm NO and praise him when he stops.

Gotta love the little !!!
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They bite your feet for several reasons- and I don't mean to insult you and say you have stinky feet. But cats are smell driven and our feet retain sweat and smell and they are drawn to that. Also, our feet are down in their play area, and our feet move, so they are "prey" I have three that were regularly attacking and biting my feet, so now I wear an old pair of shoes and spray the shoes with bitter apple and now they are leaving my feet alone.
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:::smells feet:::

Hmmm.. they smell a little but not too bad. But Corkscrew does that when I get out of the shower too and I wash my feet. I know that a lot of kittens like to chase feet but Corkscrew is over 2 years old and he's just developed this habbit. Sometimes he'll stand in front of me meow and then bite my feet. Then I'll pet him and he gets upset and walks away only walk back up to me and repeat the process.
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My kitty Dawn likes to nibble on my toes. But usually only after I won't let her chew on my knitting needles. i think she is retaliating.
Another cat I had, Ginger, was on a scheduled feeding and would attak my feet when she thought it was time to be fed. And she meant business. She was not palyful in her biting.
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*LOL* Smelly feet. *LOL* Never thought about that!! Loki actually only does it only in the summer when I run anround barefoot. No attacks in the Winter when I wear my fuzzy slippers around the house.
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