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Questions for Southern Californians

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I was watching the news last night about your list of people who now want to be Governor. Was I dreaming or is Gallagher (the comedian) now on the list?
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There are soooo many people on the list, but if haven't heard that Gallagher is on the list. To me, this is all some kind of BIG joke. Truthfully Davis did cause us a lot of problems, and I'm not too happy about paying triple price on car registration next year, in order to try and clear up the deficit, I think this recall is a sorry situation.
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I heard that Gallagher was on the list, too.
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All I can say, is God help us!
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Why? Because the California budget is in a serious deficit, and they are gonna make us, put the money back in the California budget, so one of the things they'll be doing is increasing the car registration fee 3x's. So, if you paid $100 this year, you will pay $300 next year. I'm not happy about that. I would imagine it will be very hard to get it back down, once the budget is secure. Also, they are increasing the sales tax.
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I just checked the complete list of candidates and Gallagher is indeed listed. He's listed as Leo Gallagher. There are 135 in all, including Gary Coleman.
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Good god do we need help. We have replaced Florida as the laughing stock of voting debacles. This is a sad state indeed.
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LOL .. my bf's dad is running Robert Dole
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Hey I think Gallagher would be a fun governor! Pot smokin', free wheelin', watermelon smashin' hippie governor! LOL!!! And from what I've seen, he seems smarter than Ahhnold! LOL!
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He is hilarious, but how seriously will he be taken as governor? The man has a history of fruit abuse!
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well look at sonny bono and what a clown he was back in his day and then look at all the good he did as mayor of Palm Springs. Personally, even though Gallagher is a comedian, I have always liked his sharp edged comments about the wastefulness of society.
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fruit abusin? boy does he sound fun!
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Fruit abuse, oh my LOL.
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omg I don't think i have cried so much with laughter! I gotta go to USA it sounds fun!!!!!
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You know, we don't really want Arnold as governor--he just hired a guy as his financial advisor who thinks taxes should be raised to cover all the promises politicians make and taxpayers be damned. The advisor has even said this to the media.

And yes, our car registration fees are going up, but 100 to 300 isn't the average of what people are paying. One guy is paying $900plus to register his 2003 Toyota Sienna (a mini van).

I'm listening to everything I can. The big problem is that most of the media is ridiculously slanted against the recall and it's possibly the best thing that could happen to CA. Any governor who'd let a state deficit get to almost $40 billion in such short time needs to be ousted.

Davis needs to take some lessons from CO.
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Originally posted by TTMom
And yes, our car registration fees are going up, but 100 to 300 isn't the average of what people are paying. One guy is paying $900plus to register his 2003 Toyota Sienna (a mini van).
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I hope I don't end up having to pay anywhere near $900. I don't think I'll be able to afford to have a car, at those rates. I guess I'll know next June.

I don't want to see Arnold as Governor, either. They had some pretty questionable things about his background in the Los Angeles Times yesturday, and if they're true, it would be awful for all of us.

We need someone who is experienced in Government, and someone who knows how to build our economy back up. Unfortunatley, I know we the taxpayers are going to have to pay for it all.
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As a 4th generation Californian I a dully embarrassed and shamed by all this. As I have thought many, many times to myself - I'm sure glad I'm on the last leg of my life!!! Its getting more and more difficult to live in this corny world. Sure glad I decided to keep my 1992 T-Bird which is still beautiful. No soring tax for me. Yes, I do believe the heat is off Florida. We are the Numero Uno Clowns now. Good goin' CALIFORNIA! Thank God for my furrhearts to bury my head in![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\angry kitty.gif[/IMG]
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I know. My whole family teases me and my sister for moving to CA when stuff like this happens. The Heaven's Gate fiasco was the last time I was embarrassed by nuts in CA (but that was a really sad time--this time it's a bunch of idiot politicians).

The last I heard we don't want Arianna Huffinton either because she's had income of under $200,000 and spent over $400,000 last year. Huh? That's what we're trying to get rid of!!!

The good thing about this is that Davis is finally actually doing some work (something he avoided the rest of the time in office).
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Here's the front page of the Contra Costa Times paper.. that's my boyfriends dad
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Originally posted by nighteyes
Fruit abuse, oh my LOL.
Isn't fruit abuse illegal, in California?
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Isn't fruit abuse illegal, in California?
OMG--LOL--that's too funny! And you know what? I think it is!

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In San Francisco, it may even be classified as a hate crime!

Have you hugged your melon today?
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