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Another Question About Signature Pics

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It's getting very difficult to find a site that allows remote viewing. Is there any way a change could be made so we can attach pictures stored in our computer to our signature?
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I would like that idea Lorie
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I'm not sure how that would work. First off, I think when we use an actual uploaded pic ( from our own PC) that would be taking up bandwith here and that would cost Anne. Also, I'm not sure if its even available to be done like that.

I'll let Anne know to come on in here and address this with you, Lorie.
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In my humble, somewhat technically-constrained-knowledge opinion: The problem with that is that your PC would need to be turned on and connected to the internet at all times. The pics attach to and remain with your signature with each post, and the pics would need to be located on a network that is accessible to the internet. You would be opening up yourself to all kinds of hackers and viruses if you did that.
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uh oh , bad idea . We better stick to what we have .
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If it won't work, maybe someone could recommend some sites that allow remote viewing. I would be willing to pay a small fee if necessary.
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if you have a geocities website they let you do remote viewing for I beleave 4.95 a month. I think you go to www.yahoo.com and click on webhosting. For 8.95 a month you can have your own domain name.
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here is a link right to the 4.95 on. you do not get your own domain name but you can build a site and you can host pics I beleave. http://geocities.yahoo.com/ps/learn/...rks4_Plus.html
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I'll check into it. Thanks Val!
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They allow linking and its only a one time fee of $20 to store 1000 pictures.

You can even upload gif files.
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