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I have suffered insomnia for years. Then it started to get better, and now its back again.

Does anyone have any remedies for it - I do not want to use sleeping pills.
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May I ask what insomnia is ? I do have sleep problems myself at times , so I was wondering about insomnia . Thank's
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insomnia is being unable to fall asleep
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Kellye, I too have battled for a long time. The things that have helped me in the past and present are taking Benadryl capsules (supposedly not addictive, but your body does start to get immune to them), drinking some herbal tea (I can't think of the name right now...but there are some for insommnia), eating something warm and bulky right before I go to bed (my favorite is Cream of Wheat or a big bowl of Tomatoe Soup) and sometimes taking a hot steamy bath right before I go to bed helps.

Doesn't insommnia suck? I wish I were one of those people who could lay their head on the pillow and be instantly asleep.
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I took those benadryl capsules too, and last night they didnt work!!!

I have asked my friend Dawn who knows a LOT about homeopathy if there are any remedies for it - lets hope she has some answers and I will let you know.

Its indeed tiring being insomniac
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I guess I got it too , just had a spell last night again . I always invy my husband the minute he lay down he fall asleep .
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I've been lucky and only had a few bouts with insomnia (especially before major tests/interviews).

What do you do right before going to bed? Do you eat, drink, etc? Do you always get the same amount of sleep each day? I read that one should follow the same sleep patterns every day, even on weekends.

Have you tried yoga or meditation? How about buying one of those natural sound devices that plays nature sounds such as water running, the ocean etc.

Sorry I don't have better advice. I do know many people who have great luck with yoga. It helped me survive the stress of university.

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There is a couple herbal pills that many people take. I've tried them before and they didn't work for me, but I know a lot of people who swear by them. They're called Melatonin and Valerian Root.

I'm sure they're tons of stuff out there in the Herbal market, but sometimes I'm leary about taking that stuff. It's not always FDA approved and not many studies are taken on Herbal med's.

Let me know what you find out, OK? Thanks!
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I just looked this up for sleep problems and aromotherapy:

Aromatherapy and Sleep

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According to my book on Aromatherapy this is what is says:

*Don't eat for at least three hours before bedtime
*Avoid excitement before going to sleep.
*Make sure the bedroom is clean and neat.
*Use natural fibres for bed linens, covers and night wear.
*Do deep breathing exercised using essential oils.
*Receive a relaxing massage with essential oils before going to bed.

Essential oils for sleep:
Chamomile (I heard Chamomile tea also helps to get people sleepy)

The book says, "Apply one of these formulas to the upper chest and back of the neck until the oil is fully absorbed into the skin. Breathe in the vapors deeply.

It also helps me if the room is cool. Another thing that helps is a really hot bath - like a steam bath. I'm am my most relaxed and exhausted after a sauna, but maybe that's my Finnish heritage talking.

I hope this helps you. I don't know if you are into Aromatherapy, but I think there is something to scents. I have to have my house smell a certain way at all times. People always talk about how my house smells. I think it's kind of funny. They walk in and say, "Your house always smells so good."
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Ohh good idea Nora - I LOVE aromatherapy!

Will go to the shops and get some essential oils - the only ones I have are nag champa
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I hope this helps for a good night's rest Kellye. When you don't sleep, it causes stress and I'm sure you are aware that stress causes a host of physical problems.

I have Rhumatoid Arthritis and my Dr. is very firm on that I must get rid of all the stress I possibly can in my life. She also says I must get 8 hours of sleep a night (which I find impossible).

Sweet dreams!
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What I do if I can't go to sleep, I start counting sheep (actually it's cats!) jumping over fences.. IT works! LOL.. Jk..

Hope u can get to sleep tonite!!! Hang in there..
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Here is a reply from my friend:

I know 3 herbal remedies off the top of my head that work excellently.
Homeopathic I'd have to look up at home. But the three herbal ones are --
passionflower, kava kava & valerian. My personal opinion is they are much
better in liquid form than pill, but they tast pretty gnarly :b !!! The
best bet is to put a dropper full in a small amount of water & do it like a
shot. Hope this helps. Also, you can buy these at Earthfare or either
coop. If you ever come to the West Asheville one, I only work about 1/2
mile from there & I'm usually here from afternoon to early eve....if you
ever want to stop by. Have a fantabulous day !!!!
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I have it all the time and have tried most remedies (which don't seem to work for me). Hypnosis should work for most people, but my hypnotherist says that I have some type of block against certain "suggestions".
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My husband had this and his doc prescribeed Trazadone
for is also an antidepressant, but it isn't addictive and doesn't make you feel drowsy the next day like some sleeping meds isn't a sleeping pill, but it helps you fall asleep...
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I've had trouble with that all my life

Chamomile tea is nice before bed (don't drink it if you're allergic to daisies). I think that might be the herb Shell was talking about? There's a nice tea called Sleepytime you can buy from most health food stores - the smell is nice too. I use lavender fragrance in the bedroom too. If you can, try to set up a wind-down routine (mine is a shower or bath, drink some hot tea, then do some slow stretching and some deep relaxation breathing). Try to go to bed at about the same time every night. If you can't sleep, get up for awhile and go into another room to read or something until you feel ready to go back to bed...don't lay there & toss & turn - it's just frustrating. I've heard that it helps to keep your bedroom free of distractions - don't watch TV or pay bills or work on your laptop in the bedroom - it should be reserved for sleep & one other special activity . Benadryl helps too, but I find that I have to take it an hour or so before bedtime for it to work, and it makes me feel weird in the morning, so I don't take it too often.

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Insomnia?? Not likely here! I have narcolepsy. My problem is staying awake!

Occassinally I do have a hard time sleeping at night though, if I have a lot on my mind and am super stressed. Other then that..... I go into REM sleep 1-2 minutes after my head hits the pillow!
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Insomnia?? Not likely here! I have narcolepsy. My problem is staying awake!
now we know who is the person who falls asleep almost immediately

whenever I can't sleep, i'll try to just close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing...let myself feel really relaxed.After a while, i'll fall helps...
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