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Eating Styrofoam?

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Have my old computer in my room inside of styrofoam packing and I just noticed today that my little furbaby has developed a taste for the styrofoam packing. Not sure if she is eating it or just tearing it up. I have covered and made sure she can't get to it.
What could be causing this? She has plenty of food and eats well, had her to vet a couple weeks ago so she has a clean bill of health. Any ideas on why she has suddenly developed this habit. BTW, the old computer has been in the room since she first got here in April and had never touched it before.
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The styrofoam could be made from animal renderings. It can also cause an intestinal blockage. I would keep it far away from your kitty.
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yes please keep it away from your kitty. Take a few pieces and stick it in a jar of warm water over night- unless it is a special type of packing material, what you will see will turn your stomach. My neighbor uses this stuff to fertilize (yes fertilize and compost his garden) he has tubs of this gunk fermenting in his yard. I see my cats with packing bubbles or styrofoam and I remove the play toy immediately.
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