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A real Blast from My Past!

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One of the photo services I use is now going to charge for what they used to give away so I am cleaning out my photos and I found these. This what happened to our property Feb of last year when a straight line wind blew through here: Took us 6 months to dig out.
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Holy Macaroni thats a lot of damage!
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Bless your heart Hissy , like you did not had already a lot of work . That sure look bad to me .
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Yikes!!! Were you home when that happened?
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I was actually on my way home when the neighbor's tree went down. The winds were so bad that college cancelled classes and on the way home, our neighbor who has sheep, the sheep were actually rolling across the highway! I could only go about 10 mph tops and as I was driving there was this object coming closer and closer, round and blue and honestly I thought it was an UFO! It kept getting bigger and bigger and rounder and rounder, and then as it flew over my truck (I ducked!) LOL I looked up and it was a trampoline!

When I got home, I saw the trees down, the horses fence was down and the horses were in the back yard free with wires down everywhere. I raced in the house told Mike we had to go get the horse's out of harms way and rushed outside. Talk about scary, trying to capture up two frightned horses, with wind you couldn't even hardly move against and tree limbs flying......never have I lived through anything like this. We lost one cat Maya, she was asleep in the tack room when the tree hit. It was three days before we could even get to the door of the barn and by the time we got the debris cleared she was dead.
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Oh no , I am sory about loosing Maya . But I guess you still were lucky in all . It could have being worse with the house and the animals . My goodness the sheep were rolling across the highway . Did any of them died ? I am sure it was bad for every body . That is a nightmare for me .
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Wow, that looks like it was an intense storm. Sorry to hear about your kitty. Natural forces sure are scary.
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he lost 25 sheep that day- only a few got hit by cars but they are quite fragile and most had their legs broken during the storm rolling incident
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Poor sheep , how sad . I am sure the farner were prety hurt loosing all the animals .
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Wow when you said BLAST you meant it litterally. What an ordeal.
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Wow MA looks terrifying and sounds it, sorry to hear about the sheep and your kitty!

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