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Did you know you can buy live fish online????

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I just started a fishy tank and I have two sharks, four tigar barbs, and 4 neons (one is MIA though, never say him after I put it in the tank) anyway, I was doing some online research to see what kinds of fish I can have together and I found out that you can buy them online who would have thought!! I always shop drs foster & smith for cat stuff. Now I can buy fish if i want! I'll but the link incase anyone else hates waiting in petstores for someone to help ya!
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Whatever you do don't get bumblebee fish, at least that's what I think their called. They seem to be a delicacy in the fish world. When I was young my mother got about 4 of the little suckers for our tank within 2 days all where eaten.
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Woah, weird!!!

I have African Cichlids. They're really mean
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The sharks and tiger barbs are eating the neons. These fish should not be kept together. They also need different water ph.

Bumble bees need brackish water to survive. This is a high salt level than fresh water fish.

Never mix fresh water tropical fish with goldfish as the goldfish give off tons of amonia and need cold water, tropical need warmer water to survive.

(I used to own a Pet Shop)
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My cichlids kept killing my plecostemous fish. I came home one day and the eyeballs were gone and he was floating upside down on the bottom of the tank
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the one neon disappeared before I added the other fish The tigar barbs and sharks are small and the neons are pretty big neons so they are okay..or so the pet store said. I want to get some more of the sharks, those things are so pretty! I didn't know about the ph thing. They ahve that info on the site. I guess I'll just have to get another tank...OH DARN
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Careful about that princess, it becomes an addiction! LOL!
We have 8 tanks full of various fish! 2 of them are saltwater tanks!
Oh yeah we buy snails and crabs online all the time. it's cheaper (usually) then getting them at at petstore. We tried to get fish online but since we have to go to Petsmart and other places to get cat food, we just usually buy them at a pet store if we see one that we like.
We have Discus, weather loaches, african knife, cherry barbs, Jack dempseys, flying foxes, Plecos, algae eaters, mollies, oscars, eels, goramis, earth eaters, yoyo loaches,rainbow fish,damsels, a mantis shrimp, african cichlids, tangs,clown fish, topaz cichlids,cory cats, zipper loaches,convicts,synodonis catfish, and dottiback.
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Wow 8 tanks your kittys must be in heaven.
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Tiger barbs are very nippy fish. They will eat the neons. Think about some Clown Loaches....they are striped just like the Tiger Barbs and are bottom feeders and are non agressive. I love aquariums also and have a 10,36 and 75 gallon tanks.
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They are! LOL!
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I really want a salt water tank. All the fish I really liked lived in salt water. And it says my sharks can go in either kind of water I read that is tiger barbs where in a groups of four or more and feed well they would leave other fish alone
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Yeah, I just found that out the other night. You can buy them on ebay too.
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You can buy anything online!
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Fish come in three catagories:

Most schooling fish, neons, danios, black skirts, ect are non-agressive.

Semi-agressive would be live bearers (like Mollies and Sailfins) Barbs, Gromies, Angels and such

Agressive would be Cichlids, Dempseys, Oscars, Arrowana, ect.

Gold fish will grow to over 12 inches as well as most aggressive fish. Live bearers will multiply out of control if the water is just right. (I had one female molly give birth to 40 at one time)

I always recomend danios for a beginner as they are hardy and look nice in a school or 6 or more.

Aquariums should have at least one gallon of water per inch of fish. Remember fish you buy are babies and will grow. An over crowded tank will lead to stressing the fish and they will die, or kill each other.
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I dont think I would classify oscars as an aggressive fish... Yes, they are cichilds, but it also depends on the individual fish. We had 3 at one time, and they were NEVER aggressive. I also had 2 jack dempseys, and they were not aggressive, either. We used to have a 600g, so we had quite a big of so-called "aggressive" fish.

The saltwater hobby is fun, too. I had a 125 at one time, and then downsized to a 20g mini reef tank. You just have to pay attention to the salinity so it doesnt drop. It's not hard like most people assume.
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I had four of those really pretty fancy goldfish for over a year but they got fin rott and died I tried all kinds of treatments but I couldn't get it cleared up. I cryeddddd when two of the fish died because I was really attached to them. They were pretty big. I have a 29 gallon tank and I know my sharkies will need to be moved to a bigger tank when they get bigger. I didn't know that when I bought them but after reading about them online it looks like I will be getting a bigger tank. I figured I would try tropical this time. I really love goldfish but they are soooo dirty!! I want to get a salt water tank really bad!
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I bought one of my Betta's on line. He is white, as white as cotton.
I did not realize all the colors they come in until I was browsing the web one day.
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I have 2 African Chiclids and an Angel in my tank. Everyone warned me about putting the Chiclids in there with my Angel. Let me tell you an Angel can be just a feisty as a chiclid! When the larger of the 2 chiclids started nipping at my Angels fins, the Angel turned around and beat the crap out of the Chiclid.
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Believe it or not: Angelfish (freshwater variety) are in fact Cichlids. While more extreme in shape than most, angels will display many cichlid features and naughtiness (like gobbling up small tetras that you dump in with them). Anyhoo the cichlid family also includes the Discus fish as well as other strange fellows.
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The cats saw this thread and got all excited. I had to explain to them that some people keep fish as pets, it wasn't about food.
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LOL Sue!

Fish are really cool I used top have brownies colored ones and I called them chocolate fish 1 chocolate fish 2 and chocolate fish 3!

gees im original!
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I want to get some kissing fish I can't remember there proper name but they are too cute!! And the clean the tank
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