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My poor Sebastian!

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Last night as my boyfriend and I were getting ready for bed... I fed my babies and was sitting down.. watching them eat and play. Sebastian ate and drank.. then turned around and immediately laid down. I didn't think anything of it because thats what the other two did. I sat there for a bit longer admiring my beautiful babies. Just as I was about to kiss them all goodnight and get in bed... my sweet Sebastian stood up and started to walk. Only he was walking funny and dragging his right leg

I let out this loud yelp and picked him up immediately and started inspecting. It didn't look as if anything was broken.. and I felt around his leg to see if he showed any signs of pain. Craig came running immediately to see what the fuss was all about. It turns out that he did something to the right side of his hip

I sat there and hugged him and cried like a baby. Since there are no vets open until Monday that I know of... we have to wait. I'm anxious to get to him a doctor and make him all better I hate the thought of my sweet little baby hurting

Craig got a little irritated with me because I cried for a few hours.. and still haven't went to sleep. I can't.. I just keep checking on him and making sure he's ok. Craig doesn't understand it... I don't understand him. I'm worried sick.. Craig is convinced that he just jumped off of something and hurt his hip and that it's not gonna be a big deal.

*cries* I'm going insane!!


post #2 of 22 sorry to hear about Sebastian, I totally understand how you are and how totally worried you are. Does your vet not have an emergency number? I know it will be a little more expensive - but worth it.

Let me know how things go - my thoughts are with you

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Cassandra: Oh, my God, I just saw this and realized you have posted no follow-up since this am!!! I hope that means that you have found an emergency vet! Please, do not wait this out!!!
It could be a form of Viral Menengitis which causes paralasis as it is an inflamation of the spinal chord caused by a bacteria. It is contageous to your other cats!!! Please get your precious Sebastain checked. Consider this; as flexable as cats are they seldon injur their hips or back from a jump or fall. . . . Please seek a vet medical emergency clinic!!!
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Don't feel you were too emotional about this - crying is good for the soul sometimes. I am sending kitty prayers your way and am anxious to know how you make out with the vet!:angel4:
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Oh please update us as I too have been worried. I'm sure it will be nothing but I still would have it checked out right away. I'm sure there must be a vet or emergency clinic opened on Sundays. I'm glad that my vet has office hours 7 days a week with a recording for an emergency vet except I have his beeper number cause I told him I didn't like the emergency vet. Please update us.

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Dearest Cassandra.... :flower: :flower: :daisy:

I'm so sorry to hear of this ...please post something soon as I'm sure all of us are anxious to see how Sebastion is doing and also HOW YOU'RE DOING!!! :angel2: :daisy: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :daisy:
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My Sebastian appears to be doing much better. He is running up and down the stairs and playing just as much as he did before. He's no longer favoring his leg but jumping and crawling like mad. I'm still very cautious since he hasn't been to a vet yet.

I don't drive (since I got in a wreck last October)... and Craig is putting off going to the vet and stalling as much as possible. It's starting to irritate me. I bring it up every day about 20 times a day.. and he keeps saying "we will go some-time this week" .. and my reply being "yes, but that time should be NOW". It's causing me major stress.. I get up constantly to check on him. Craig says "See, look at him he's fine.. you're just over worried because the only cat you had before this one died" GRRRR Why can't I get him to see that he is NOT a vet and can not give a medical diagnosis. I want a professional to look at him and say "Miss Louviere, you're baby Sebastian is perfectly fine... he just took a little tumble"

I'm going insane over here.. I'm ready to yank out my hair and Craigs.

"Americans have different ways of saying things. They say 'elevator', we say 'lift'...they say 'President', we say 'stupid psychopathic git'...." --Alexi Sayle
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Oh no I'm so sorry you're so frustrated!!! I understand how you must feel you poor thing :
Hang in there girl...things will be fine.. have faith! I just know he'll be just fine!:angel2::angel2:

All my prayers are on speedy wings for him!!!

Faith in Jesus!

Love &
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Cassie.... please don't wait for craig to take sebastion to the vet....I know you can't drive right now, and I understand that totally.....but call the local vet....explain your situation to him, and maybe if he is a loving. caring vet, like he should be, he will figure out a way to check on sebastion!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let us know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cassandra; I did not mean to alarm you with my post, but please, get Sebastian seen by a vet. For your own peace of mind; if nothing else! I will continue to pray that all will be well for the "Little Guy". :angel2:
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I haven't had my babies long, but I agree with everyone else. He should see a vet now not later. Let us know how he is doing.

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Cassandra; HOW IS SEBASTIAN? ? ? ?
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How is Sebastian????? If I lived close to you, I would bring him to the vet myself. How can men be soo insensitive sometimes-ughh!! Do you have a neighbor you trust?Anyone over there that might sympathize. I'm sure there is someone you know that might be waiting to do their good deed for the day. Please let us know!!!! :flower: :flower: :flower: :daisy:
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Cassandra...please let us know how Sebastion is sweetie... he's in my prayers! :angel2: :angel2::angel2: A beautiful angel is sent your way....

Love &
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Sebastian is doing fine. I got quoted at the vet. "He took a little tumble". Apparently I did the right thing by keeping him still and warm and away from the other two for a few days. So he's fine... I guess Craig is right.. I'm a worry wart I can't help it.. I couldn't bear anything happening to one of my babies.

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Glad to hear Sebastian is doing fine.

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I am releived to hear Sebastion is doing well!!!!!
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Well, I'm very glad to know Sebastian is all right. I'd hate to think of what might happen should there be subsequent potentially-emergent situations, given that your husband appears quite obtuse about keeping cats. Perhaps it might be best if you find a friend or neighbor to contact should you need veterinary help in the future.

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I am so thankful that Sebastian is OK and doing fine. Being a worry wart is a part of parenting! Don't feel bad for being one if there was a 'worry wart club' I could be the President! :laughing2
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Cassandra; Thank God, Sebastain is okay! :pinky: Never slight yoursef for being "overly concerned" when it comes to your "babies". . . . . .

Everyone of us has been "Guilty" of this more than once.
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I am happy to hear that Sebastian is okay and it was nothing serious. Bloody time he is sick - and complaining that he has something more than a cold, ignore him and don't give him any sympathy and tell him it is nothing and he will be fine I am pretty sure he might get a little pissed at that. Give him a taste of his own medicine!!!!
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I SO agree with Amanda!!!
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