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Liver damage

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I rescued a starving cat yesterday.I rushed her to the local vets,and she was treated immediately for starvation and dehydration.She was in a really bad way,I have never seen such a sickly cat,she could barely walk.I have just got off the phone from the vet having been told that the cat is suffering from moderate chronic liver damage.I am so upset.I am willing to give her a home and the vets are willing to let me take her,but I have never dealt with liver damage.Is there anyone out there who can give me advice?I want to do the best I can for this poor cat.
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It depends on what the damage is and how extensive it is. To fight liver damage you need to attack it aggressively and stay on top of the care. If it is hepatic lipidosis we have several members who have successfully conquered this horrible disease in their cats. But the care is as I said, extensive, expensive (usually) but there are success cases and sadly, there are also failures. It depends on how long the cat has had the disease and to what extent the liver has been damaged.

My heart goes out for this poor cat and I am grateful that you found her and are trying to help her.
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How old is this cat or could the vet tell? I'm so sorry for the poor thing. I'll be keeping you in my prayers. Keep us posted
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The vet thinks she is about 8 years plus.I am phoning the vet again later to find out how she is doing.Although she is not ours (yet),we have called her Wendy(from the lost children in Peter Pan).
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I visited Wendy today. She was really happy to see people who were not going to take blood or anything else, she was happy just to be stroked and talked to. She just purred and purred and even ate half a bowl of cat food, which I felt was a good sign. We are hoping to bring her home soon. I have constructed a large but safe 'cage' for her where she will be able to play, sleep, hide, use a litter box, eat and just do cat things in. Does anyone have any other tips on what I can do for this extremely underweight and obviously sick (at the moment) cat? I also have three other cats who are not at all aggressive or territorial, one female and 2 males, all of which are nuetered.
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I would really suggest you visit this board and talk to Traci- liver failure is her specialty and she has gotten a lot of people and their cats through the disease successfully

Help For Cats
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Wendy is now home and starting to find her feet.She is exploring the house and checking out all the new sights and smells and washing which I think is good.Two of my other cats have come into contact with her but they are more interested in watching what she is doing.Dueyyyyyyyyyyyq
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I am so sorry about that last bit of typing.Wendy has just walked across my keyboard and then managed to send the message.Her typing is not up to much at the moment.
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