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Hissy! You're Over 12,000!

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My god, woman!

Seriously, though, we here at TCS appreciate all of your insight and the wealth of information you possess. Thank you for (almost) always being here to answer our questions and help us and our kitties!

Congrats on hitting 12,000 posts!
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Wowzers! Now that is alot of posting!
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Thanks Guys,

I really don't pay attention. I am on the computer so much during the day working on either articles, or my book, or emails, or talking/working with Anne. I go to three boards on the Net, and this is the main board I frequent. I sort of hit and run on posts and try to help people, or just try and make them laugh, or I just read and absorb everyone's life here. I used to run AcmePet but they were so known for flames as they got larger and now they are gone. In the beginning, I was one of their first members, it was a quiet board of caring cat lovers and we all got together daily and learned about each other and did wonderful supportive things for all. Much like this board does now, though it also is getting larger every day. I think this place is a pretty cool place to be and our members rock!
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Congratulations.....you are the original "Post Queen". Thank you for all your help
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Way to Go!! Are your finger's tired after ALL that posting?
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Wow that alot of posting!!!!
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Hang Dog! That's alot of posts , You Go Girl! We love ya!

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