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Cat enclosures and screened in porches

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Ours is an indoor cat who LOVES being outside. And in our area being outdoors on his own is not an option. We have a lovely deck that I would sit on and read for hours before Cappy came into our lives 2 years agi. Now, he just meows and meows to be outside with me. Harnessing him and tying him up only works for short times because he gets tangled in the lines, so I'm continually leaving my deck chair and chasing after him.

We've sort of decided to maybe screen in our deck and make it a screened in porch - which will be even better for us 'humans' because it will keep the bugs off. So, I'm hoping that this is a compromise that will work for all of us. Question: Do we need a stronger type screen? Are there any other considerations in making a screened in porch that will be nice and comfortable. for both humans and cats to be in?

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Cats are pretty good at wrecking regular screens. Something like PetScreen would be your best bet. It lets in less light than regular screens and is more expensive, but a lot more durable.
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For myself personally, I'd go lattice work covered with pet screen.

Its very attractive, moreso than simply screen, and the added benefit is strength should a kitty be compelled to climb it.
Lattice comes in wood or plastic, different gap sizes, all kinds of coices really.
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My husband made an enclosure for our former outside (feral-born and stray) cats.
He built it in sections so it could be disassembled, using a coated wire fencing material.

Maybe you could put a screen on the outside of the fencing material to keep the bugs out - for both you and the cat.

Here's one pic of the enclosure:
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Originally Posted by GloriaJH View Post
I would put up this type of wire fencing material and then just cover it with normal screen. That way Cappy can't escape, you will still let in as much light as possible and you will keep out bugs.
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Thanks for the info on Petscreen. I looked that up online, and hope I can get something like that at Home Depot, etc.

A lot of our pet-less or dog owner friends use something called 'mosquito cloth' to cover their decks. I don't even have to look at mosquito cloth to know that it wouldn't work for Cappy! We have regular screens on all windows, (brand new) but they have been good so far. When we get it built I'll put up a picture.

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The "Kritter Condo" is the answer to your problem. I have one and love it! It is primarily for bringing your cat(s) outdoors, but you can also use it for newcomers to you home (like an indoor kennel, as opposed to the bathroom!). Check it out:
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I'm looking for something that I can go into too, like a screened in porch.

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