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Its Raining!!!

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It's finally raining 'cats and dogs'!!!!! So if any of you are guilty of sending us good weather, thank you so much!!!!!!! It started yesterday, finally the temps went down to the 80s and the rain came, but now today again, more rain and the temps were only in the 80s, now its 70!!! I have all the windows open to hear the rain, I love the sound of it, and since it's much cooler, I'm not running the AC. And on top of that I don't have to manually water my lawns!!! WHopppeeee!!!!

Hey Tuxedo, what's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Oh and there is someone from Dallas, what's going on up there?
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Hey! We didn't get any! But it was cooler today. It's only 86 right now (although that's warmer than normal for us).
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We have had so much rain here in GA that I would love to see some sunshine, Got any extra? Send it here please
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You can take our 100 degree weather, Blondie. My plants are wilting!
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California sunshine on it's way! Just send us some cooler weather!
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Georgia, we'll send ya some sunshine, we've had 110s temps and nothing but sun till the last few days!!!! I love the rains finally and the cooler temps!!!!
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I would be glad to take a little sunshine. All of my roses have the blackspot caused from all of the rain. I think my outside dog Nemo has grown some gills and fins too
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Hey send some over here please!!
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well MzJazz, just wait for a few days and then when we're done, Texas will send some over to ya My veggies and grass are dying!!! Blondie, it would be cool if you could send us a pic of your dog NEMO (aka finding Nemo star of Disney movie) with fins and gills LOL!!
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It's raining here in Tucson too I finally got to turn my computer back on since the lightning finally stopped.
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I'd like some rain in Kansas City please! We haven't had rain here for nearly 8 weeks...
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Yowzaas!!! We'll send some your way too!
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It has rained at some part of the day for the past two and a half weeks here. Please, take some of our rain. Please!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
It has rained at some part of the day for the past two and a half weeks here. Please, take some of our rain. Please!
I wish! It's drier then month old bread here!
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We got about an hour-and-a-half's worth of rain, this eve. After so many hot and sticky days, it felt GOOD!

As soon as it started, I brought the dogs inside. The backyard turned into giant puddle and I would have had mudpuppies, for sure. When I went out to the patio, for a smoke, I had to argue with Pearl - she wanted to go out and play in the rain.
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It hasn't rained here for the longest time! I don't know when it rained last....well ok, now that I think about it, 20 miles from here, last friday, it rained like 2 1/2 inches, but here at home we only got like 7/8 of an inch. It is so dry here, the farmers can't hay b/c it the hay just breaks in half. Of course, now it is harvest, so I don't think rain right now would help them a whole lot. But after that, it can rain lots!
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The National Weather Service has a sense of humor. This is from today's weather for my town in PA:


I love it! LOL!
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Someone definitely has a sense of humor. I love it when they do stuff like that. Takes the humdrum out of the day.
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Wow if I could send you guys our rain I would, we've had so much of it here we're about to invest in a boat to get back & forth from work.
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Hi JB!

Yes, it POURED here last night! Our not-quite-dead garden loved it! We might get some peppers this year after all. It was nice and cool, too - just wanted to go out and dance around in it! It's overcast today also, so we might even get some more.
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We're getting a light rain, here. The whole county is under a severe thunderstorm and flash flood watch, though.

Its not hard enough to turn the yard into soup, so I'm letting the dogs play in the rain a bit. They get totally hyper, when it rains.
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