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7-day-old now in our house

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We just took in a now 7-day old kitten after its mom, a stray who lives on our property, neglected the rest of the litter to death and this one was last and seemed next. If you have time and interest, please read the whole story (no you won't get sad or mad , it's a fairly happy story in that we're glad we took her in), and answer our questions if you can.


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I read the story - quite the ups and downs emotionally!
How is the little one doing?
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Oops I forgot that I had posted to 2 forums... I only ended up replying and having a conversation in the other.

Gloria did not make it. We had her 1.5 days... we took her in on a Sunday night and she passed Tuesday morning after having what I thought was a GREAT Monday. She even had a good feeding Tuesday morning. So we were half surprised - she seemed to be doing better, but at the same time, the chances of her living after those first 6 days with her mother's idea of care were small.

But I enjoyed the experience and would try it again in a second if another newborn on our property needs help.

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Debbie - I am so very sorry that I asked about the kitten - not knowing that she had passed. My sympathy to you.
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It's OK to ask! You can ask anything you want about the experience. The day she passed - I was a wreck and completely useless. But by the end of the day, I had a new perspective on the whole experience, and I'm very comfortable with all of it. I trust that her passing was the best option for her. And if I can help anybody else trying to raise one, I sure would!

Thanks for letting me remember her.

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