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Cough? Hairball?

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I just heard Simon coughing (?). He was hunched a bit (put more weight on his front paws) and made a dry, low-pitched coughing (?) sound. I'm concerned; our new baby is getting over a cold (as most of you know); I'm wondering if Simon's "cough" could be a result of touching paws with her under the door, or if maybe it's an early sign of a hairball that wants to come up? Again, to me, it sounded like a dry, low-pitched cough--several in succession.

Our female goes to the vet Sat. to have her spay stitches out; I didn't intend on bringing Simon with (don't want them to stress out over seeing each other and not sure they should be in such close proximity).
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Are you giving the kitties anything for hairballs? I would treat it as a hairball and just keep an eye on it for now.
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My new kitten (separated from Simon by a door they can reach under) is recovering from a cold; that's why I'm leery about Simon's sudden development of a cough. He's never done that before (at least not when I've been around him). The timing of it all makes it more worrisome for me--makes me fear that he's caught the baby's cold.
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I think you should take him to the vet.
It could be nothing.
It could be just a hairball...
It could be something more severe but whatever it is i'm sure you'll sleep better knowing what it is

sounds like a hairball though... if you're cat had the flu he'd be sneezing too...

does he have a hairball control food?
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It does sound like a hairball. The dry cough in succession gave me the clue. My cat used to do that, but I put her on hairball treats, and she hardly ever does that. She did it once the other day, but I just gave her an extra treat and haven't heard it since. I give her teo treats every week, and if she starts coughing, then it is OK to give her another. I give treats on Sat. She coughed on Wed, so it was safe to give her more. I wounld look into Purina Essentials Cat treats - Hairball remedy. Thay work for me, and if you want the food, or different cat treats, just look around. There are a lot of different varieties. I would take the cat to the vet just to be on the safe side. You never know with a cat. Good luck!
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Well I would say treat as a hairball too. If the cat continues to cough then go to the vet ASAP. I thought my cat had hairball because she was coughing too but I found out that she had an upper respiratory infection!
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