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Loud Siamese Kitten

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I just recently purchased a 4 month old male siamese kitten. He has been at my home for about 5 days now. He has been screaming/meowing all night long since he has arrived. I know that siamese cats are talkative....but will he ever sleep through the night?
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Hi Conros and welcome to the forums!

I'm not an expert of Siamese (maybe Gayef will see the thread?), but sounds to me like he's sad/lonley. Where do you keep him at night? Do you let him sleep with you? Are there other pets in your home?
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I let him sleep in my room with the door closed. My roommates say he is too loud to roam the house all night. Last night he slept on my belly for a couple of hours and then he started crying again. I do not have any other pets. Also, I read somewhere that I should keep him in one room during the day till he gets use to his surroundings. How long do you think it will take him to get use to my house? I feel sort of cruel leaving him in a bedroom all day.
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Hi Conros,

Anne is probably right. If I had to guess, I would say that your boy is lonely. If no one is home during the day and there are no other pets there, why not let him have access to the entire house? He needs to be able to interact with ALL the members of your home, whether they think he is too loud or not. He smells them, he hears them, he knows they are there and he is curious. He is talking to them to let them know he is there too and is probably wondering why they don't come and touch noses with him by way of introduction!

5 days is a very short time for him to become acclimated to his new environment - Especially if he only has free access to your bedroom, and not the rest of the house. Give him his lead (I have horses too, so I tend to intermingle terms *smile*) and let him become comfortable on his own terms. Just tell your housemates to deal with it.

Is this your first kitten?

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yes...this is my first kitten. He is very fun! my roommates love him also, he loves to play with all of us!!! The lucky little guy has 3 ladies cooing over him for hours....the only time he is a problem is at night....do you think if I let him roam the house at night he would quiet down? I will definitly let him roam the house freely tomarrow during the day.
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Yeah! Told you Gayef would know
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Oh goodie! Conros, I think it is such a good thing that you want to be the bestest kitty mommy you can be. What is your little sweetie's name, anyway? I hate to just keep calling him "he".

Siamese are extremely vocal cats. Get used to it now because that won't change. I have carried on epic conversations with my own. They will coo and mirrrr and rowl and murrr-wah their way right into everything you are doing. Some Siamese will also resort to stealing...Mine go into my handbag and take stuff out and I can't leave anything shiney laying around at all unless I want it to disappear. I had a cat, a brazen thief of a cat she was too, who died about 3 years ago. She was infamous for stealing my stuff. About 6 months ago, I moved a chest of drawers in my bedroom and I found her "stash". I sat down on my bedroom floor and had myself about an hour's worth of a cry on that one...

A good idea for your active Meezer boy is to engage him in a spirited play session for about an hour (or til he tuckers out, whichever comes first) before you plan on sleeping. Does he have food/water available to him at all times? Maybe he is waking up after that hour or so sleeping with you and wanting something to eat? How about potty facilities?

Oh, he is gonna have so much fun exploring the whole place tomorrow! All those new smells! Now, (going straight into Momma Mode) you have kitten-proofed your place, right? If you need to know what to do along those lines, speak up, and I know everyone here will lend you their experiences - but don't give him unsupervised free run until you make sure it will be safe for him...

Siamese are among the most notoriously curious of all cats, and yours will be no exception to this. They are also very intelligent. They will (unlike other cats I have had) stay at something that interests them for hours. At this age, everything is a game and play fun to him. He will be into anything and everything that catches his attention, I can assure you. So, make sure you hide everything you don't want this kitten into, on, or around. Some Siamese possess a behavioral condition that causes them to chew or suck on wool or other inappropriate things - this is called Pica. It normally doesn't harm the cat, but ingesting bits of things he chews might be bad for him - so if you catch him chewing, be prepared to watch the other end to make sure all passed safely. Cover all unused electrical outlets, wrap the cords with wrap especially for this (you can get it at any Radio Shack, its called oddly enuff, "cord wrap" - get the thick stuff) and keep cleaning solutions and other toxics on a high shelf or in a cabinet out of his reach - get a child lock for the door if you have to. Walmart is open all night in most places, and they have them at around $1.50 US all day long. It is worth the money, the immediate trip down there and effort.

I cannot stress this enough - Always Always Always - Make sure you check washing machine/dryer/refrigerator/oven/microwave/dishwasher or any other appliance that could potentially trap him inside before turning them on, and always check before closing cabinets, closets or rooms if you don't want him shut in there all day. Introduce him to a collar as soon as you can, and make sure it has a tag which identifies you as his person, and a way to get in touch with you should he ever escape and become lost. Talk to your vet if you haven't already about getting him neutered if he isn't already, and make sure his shots and other kitten visits are kept up to date.

I know the others here will bring in their advice and tag me on things I might have overlooked, but the above is a real good start in the wonderful world of being owned by a cat. May you have many years of companionship and a special bond with your boy...let me know how it goes.


"Auntie" Gaye *smile*
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My kitty's name is Ben. Thank you for the suggestions! Last night Ben & I played for a long time right before bed. Neddless to say, he slept through the night!!!
Thanks for all the information!
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