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Cat Tree = Ladder

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Ok, here are some pics of the girls on their new cat tree (yes, it is the one that Jenn has for her cat, and Jillian has for her cat). I mentioned in another post, the girls like their new toy, but they like it best as the ladder that gets them from the floor to the top of the entertainment center.

Here is a far away pic, the girls are on top of the entertainment center....

And here is a bit closer of them on top of the entertainment center...

I had to play dirty to get them on the tree, so I rubbed it down with cat nip....

Last one, another post cat nip rubbing pic:

Sorry they are so dark, but dark cats + dark tree = dark pics .

And a great big thanks to Jenn who not only put the cat tree together, but brought her digital camera with her so I could have some pics of my girls with their new toy . ((((JENN))))
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LOL they look like a couple of gargoyles up there.
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The cats are beautiful, they look like matching statues or bookends on top of the Entertainment Center!
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They do look like matching statuettes or some such!
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Sometimes mommies HAVE to play dirty. We couldn't have the girls ignoring their new toy! (I suggested sticking them on the cat tree with superglue, but that idea was shot down. )

The girls are too cute though, even when they're ignoring the tree.
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Oh I love that cat tree! and the kitties!
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I love the tree and I love the pics!!

Wish you could zoom in on the water globes...I love water globes too...especially Boyd's Bears waterglobes!!!
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Ahhh, Jamie... the girls are so cute! At least they're using the cat tree for something! My little guy seems to enjoy the cat tree box more than the cat tree!!!
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I see the need to move those water globes in your near future!

Great new toy and great pics!
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Great pictures! I really like that cat tree too.
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I can see why it was hard to get them on the cat tree. In the second photo they look like a couple of all-knowing sphinxes guarding the Valley of the Kings... or maybe the Valley of the Water Globes.
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