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kitten kicking litter out of box??

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my kitten is 4 months old and has always kicked the litter out of the tray but its getting worse! i have to vacumn every day, sometimes she even kicks the mess out! i haven't changed my brand or tray and i scoop out mess every day. she goes into the litter tray even though she doesn't have to use it and kicks litter everywhere!! i dont know why she is doing this? should i try a different brand of litter? i stopped using liners and its still happening! help
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Have you tried a covered litter box? They have to kind of jump into it. Max is a digger too, but I found the covered litter box keeps most of it in.
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Crystals litter is a lot less messy than scoopable...
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It really just means that kitty is a happy camper and the happier the kitty is the more the litter flies! I would just put the litter pans in a large cardboard box if you can, and cut slots out of the sides of the box so the cat can get in and out.
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When I read the title of the thread, I thought, What exactly is the problem? Cuz most every kitty leaves a trail of litter and scatters it about, but if your kitty is jumping back in and kicking around maybe there is something else going on.

Does kitty kick like she is wanting to play? Then distract her with a toy so she has other things to play with.

Does kitty seem to be concerned about covering up her pees and poops? For example, if kitty NEVER kicks around in a fresh box of litter — only when their are pees and poops in it — then maybe kitty doesn't feel there is enough sand to cover her "stuff"so she jumps back in to cover up. The bag of litter says about 2 inches should be in the box, but I keep 3-4 inches.

Also, how many cats are using the same box? Kitty may not feel there is enough space for her stuff because of the other smells in the box. Keep at least one box per kitty.

Good luck!
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Could you try using a larger box? My cats were also kicking litter out, but the box was just too short. I got a larger box--higher, longer and a little wider and theres no more problem. They still kick the litter a bit, but barely any escapes anymore.
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I have 2 kitties that are bro and sis and they are 4 months old as well. I use the crystals and its in the bathroom on the tile so when they kicked it out it really hurt on my bare feet. And I was sweeping everyday. We have a spare bathroom we don't use so I recently put the cat box in the bathtub Its working great. They can kick all they want and its much cleaner in the tub, all the litter is in one place and much easier to sweep up a few times per week. Its mosly when I change the litter to fresh.
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