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if I had a digital camera, you would all be flooded with pics of my shoes!
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Originally posted by Pamela
Unfortunately I have to buy all my shoes in the childrens' dept! Seems I am not the only one with this problem?? jgaruba- what size do u wear? I wear 2 1/2 sized shoes in children shoes AND I AM 32 YEARS OLD!! Let me tell u.. It's IMPOSSIBLE to buy some GOOD PROFESSIONAL shoes without any pictures of barbie dolls inside, some kind of pic on the shoes, or have glittery color on the shoe OR have these LITTLE CUTESY LITTLE GIRLISH BOWS on the shoes! SIGH.....

It can be really funny though! When my nieces were about 8-9 years old, they were able to wear my shoes but after 9 years old, their feet got too big for my shoes!
It really depends on the shoe/sneaker as to what size. (Which is frustrating in itself.) But for sneakers, I take between a 2 and 3 in little boys'. I go to the boys' side because the little girls' are usually white and PINK with glitter or Barbie or bows. Oi! I did find the cutest little black shoes on the girls' side though. And the little flowers on them are only etched onto the little metal band over the top... and my pants usually cover that anyway. I've gotten used to the frustration of shoe-shopping. I'm 26 and have been wearing the same size shoe since I was about 11. It was just so much easier finding shoes when I was that age.
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Hmm...I have just the opposite problem. I wear a size 10 shoe Its very hard to find the ones I like in my size. I just splurged on a pair of navy and silver Skechers for myself, and I STILL feel a little guilty to have paid almost $100 Canadian for them (on sale)

I have a few pairs of shoes I really like- my sandals, and my clogs being my favorite. the clogs are great because they have high heels (wedge shaped) and they keep my too long pant legs off the ground

I don't own a single pair of boots- not even winter ones. i wear my sneakers all winter and depend on people who own boots to shovel paths for me to walk in
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Pamela, too bad that you're not near Branson. There is a shoe store, in Old Town, that specializes in tiny sizes. I'm going to look through my catalog collection, too. I know there are some catalogs that specialize in very small and very large sizes.

For the large sizes, check Michael Salem's catalog. He caters to drag queens and carries shoes up to men's size 14. They're sexy, too!
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Originally posted by jgaruba
My gosh! $140 for skatey sneakers? Oi! I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume this is in New Zealand dollars? Even at that, $140 NZD is $82 USD. Goodness! I HAD to see if they were sold over here... I never heard of Gallaz myself, but I'm also pretty darn far from stylish. And it looks like you can get something similiar to them, in pink for $45 USD. I don't think I can afford to visit New Zealand.

Maybe I'm just out of touch with how much womens' sneakers go for these days... I still buy mine in the childrens' dept.
Yep Jenn. Yeah in NZ $$ .. LOL Jenn I'm sure you are very stylish. I don't have many shoes so I could afford to go "all out" on a decent pair!

In the children department, I don't fit the children department!!!!

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Well, $82 USD is at least more reasonable than the $140 USD I thought we were talking about. I know if I bought my sneakers in the adult section, they'd be more expensive than those in the childrens' department.

And you'll be happy one day that you don't fit into childrens' shoes. It's really hard to find shoes for the prom or other evening gown events when your feet are this size. And it's not like mine are tiny or anything... I am only 5 feet tall. .. so they fit my body.
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Melissa, I have that same problem. I wear a 10W so its hard for me to find good shoes. Most of mine hurt a bit or dont fit very well. Its especially hard to find wide shoes.
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Maybe I'll find time, this weekend, to shoot the sexy ones. Love those "come hither" heels and ankle straps!
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Oh Yes Cindy we MUST see!
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Originally posted by Big Kat
Hey Cindy, if you don't mind my being nosey, what is that hanging in the background?
Hey, I thought you meant the vacuum cleaner! We non-housekeepers sometimes get confused by the sight of it.
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