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kitties and german shepherd becoming friends

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So it's been a few months of working with my German Shepherd puppy ( 8 months old and 55 lbs now LOL) and my two rescue kittens. I was really worried about the kitties being safe, and they are still separated behind closed doors when no one is home just in case. But they are really becoming BFFs. I'm anticipating them snuggling up for naps together soon.

We started out with a very curious puppy that wanted to play with them and kitties with a haughty attitude toward the lowly dog lol. GSD puppy just couldn't figure it out though and barked a lot not understanding kitty ways.

Flash forward and they now play tag where only the kitties chase the dog and she jumps back and runs from them. But then slowly walks around waiting to be chased again.

Kitties also let her lick them, and she brings kitties her toys and lays down nosing the toys to them. She is fascinated watching the kitties beat up her stuffed toys and watching the 2 kitties wrestle. She also now noses them gently and they roll on their backs and bat her face with their paws.

She seems pleased that she has learned some of the ways kitties play and she doesn't chase them or bark at them anymore.

It has taken some discipline, a lot of "leave it" commands and some crate time outs but she is eager to please and learn what is ok.

This is a huge weight off my shoulders. I still won't leave them out together while they are home alone but I'm glad they are become BFFs.
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That is so good to hear! So many people think dogs and cats just can't get along, that that is just not true...especially if you introduce them at a young age. Sounds like you're doing something right!
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This was a big concern for me when I got them and one reason why I adopted the kitties sooner rather than later, so that they could grow up with each other and I could hopefully avoid problems. I'm sure it helps that my other dogs are laid back about the cats too so at least proper doggie behavior with kitties is being modeled to her by them.
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