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Tarka is doing so well!

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Hi guys

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on Tarka. She is doing soooo well. I am sitting at my dining room table, and she is busy playing with her toy mouse and also killing my lap top bag. The difference in her since her operation is nothing short of miraculous. She is happy, well and playful again. Make my heart very very happy. And little hell cat Luca is also having a wonderful time hanging from the curtains!

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Great news....glad to hear it
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Whew, so glad to hear it!!

Has Luca perfected the hanging while swinging on the curtains? It's lovely when they discover how to do that.
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Lol. It was so funny one morning. I got up at about 9 o'clock and went looking for them cos it was late and they normally hang around looking for breakfast. I went into the spare room and I don't know how long she had been there for or what had happened but Tarka had got herself caught in the lace curtain. She was hanging about a foot off the ground by her one leg - her leg was wound up in the curtain and she was just hanging there! Luca was sitting around watching her. Tarka was very happy to see me and while it was funny I was also really worried - How long had she been there for? What had happened? etc. etc. Anyway, I rescued her and it doesn't seem to have engendered any sort of wariness in the two of them for the curtains. In our main bedroom, my curtains have a bee design on them. Luca is convinced that the bees must die! She keeps on launching herself at them. My curtains aren't in terribly good shape as you can imagine - but that is kittens' jobs - to destroy your house and furniture while worming their way into your heart while you laugh with (at?) them!

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I would have worried too, does sound a bit dangerous, hanging like that, thank goodness she didn't get hurt.

My kitties are just the same...someone's in trouble, the others just watch. Two were camped out in front of my office one day, staring at the door. Figured out that I'd locked one in the room. I've often asked them afterwards why one of them didn't come get mommy. I never get an answer.
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Lol. We need Lassie cats!
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