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Who here sniffs their cats fur?

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I know it sounds weird. But once in a while, when I am giving the kitties kisses, I get a sniff of their fur. And sometimes, it smells like something other than cat!

Today, Phoenix smells like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have no idea why, no one here is eating one or has in the past few weeks.

Khepera usually smells spicy, like cinnamon. Lilith has smelled like graham crackers in the past.

Ok, am I the only weirdo here, or does anyone else have a story to share?
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I love sniffing my cats fur

Lets see what they smell like today

Peedoodle smells like cat litter - I think hes been sitting in it

Kahu smells neutral, no smell.

I admit, I love to smell their fur after they have been licking themselves.
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LOL nope my hubby does that alot. He particularly like kitties after baths or at the moment Riley are new baby. Who he says has that new kitty smell, wonder if that's like a new car smell.
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Well, if you're crazy, then I am too. I love to smell Babycakes and Rurnt's fur - they smell sweet, kinda like perfume !
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isadora smelled like perfume. Neo normally smells like dryer sheets. sometimes one of them will smell like donuts I always kiss there ears and sniff there head
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I am so glad to know I'm not the only silly person who does this!
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And I love to sniff their paws!
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Hmm I never sniffed their paws, but I do like to give them kisses on their paws.
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Zoey smells fresh and clean ! I love to smell her fur And I love to kiss her paws and her pawpads too!!!
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Tillie smells like caramel today. And I got some of her long hair up my nose...:sneezing:
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Max smells like L'Air Du Temp perfum by Nina Ricci for two reasons:

1. His mama loves to snuggle with him in the morning after I'm all dressed and ready to go.

2. When I spray the perfum in the air to walk through it, he is sitting at my feet watching me, so he gets it too.
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LOL Nora!

SO you had some "help" getting ready this AM, I take it!
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I'm sure he's the best and most expensive smelling cat in my nieghborhood.lol
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My cat's smell changes with the humidity....on a very humid day, they smell very earthy. Scarlett often smells like litter box since she spends so much time in there covering up everyone's business.

I think cat feet smell is very funny! Usually sweeter than you would think!

No, I don't think you are alone on this one!
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Rocky smells like a fresh loaf of bread since he has been laying on my kitchen table next to a loaf of bread I had got at the store, and Fluff..I don't know what she is smelling like today, but she usually smells like some sort of food....
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How in the heck did that happen??? I thought I was logged in with my Rock&Fluffs mom sign in name....
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Yikes Kathy!
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Well, (lol) I just sniffed my kitty, he smells like fresh air.
Probably because he was sitting on the window seat enjoying the morning breeze.
This afternoon he most likely will have a clean clothes smell, as he loves to get in the basket as I fold clothes. I wish I could get a video of this, he loves to steal socks.
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ha ha! I was just sniffing Micah during a "love session" and I just was thinking I must be wierd for doing that. Thank goodness, I'm NOT!!

I love how all our cats smell...they all smell almost the same, but its a comforting smell.
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I sniff Spike's fur anytime he'll allow me to pick him up and smother him with hugs and kisses. He has a neutral smell for the most part, but sometimes if my mom has visited, he'll smell of her perfume. My sister tells me that Spike smells like my perfume to her, but I think I'm immune to that scent myself.
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I sniff my cats, I can't help it. Trouble usually smells a bit like litter because she digs her way to China in the box kicking up all kinds of dust, and Marbles smells like food more often than not. My favorite smell is the sleepy kitty smell when I can't help myself and pick them up as they are napping. And I smell their paws too. Ok, yup, I am weird .
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Your post made me laugh. I always tell my sister that Max digs so much in his litter box that I wouldn't be suprised if an Asian man's head poked through the litter box opening.
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Originally posted by Nora
I always tell my sister that Max digs so much in his litter box that I wouldn't be suprised if an Asian man's head poked through the litter box opening.
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That is too funny Nora .
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Oh no! I LOVE the smell of clean outside kitty fur--you know, when they're not dusty and they've just come inside. Totally inside kitty fur does not smell the same. There's something so rich about that smell. I just don't know how to describe it.

Inside kitties usually smell like their owners or the houses to me.
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Smelling cats. We're guilty!
In winter Molly often smells of dryer sheets (likes to sit under the vent to stay warm) and woodstove smoke (it wafts through the neighborhood). In summer she smells of "swamp". There's wetlands behind our house. Sometimes my children say she smells of various things. . . . . I can't put my finger on an example, but it's always something unusual.

Last Christmas she was giving off a very bad odor. I took her to the vets. . . .she had an ear infection (from a polyp in her ear that had to be removed). So it's good to smell your cat!

George (bless his soul) had this unique smell. I loved to kiss the top of his big gray head. It was the last thing I did when he was put down

I haven't really gotten close enough to Morrell (my newest addition) to get a good whiff. He's very shy.

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I like to stick my face in my cat's fur and smell them too. At least when they'll let me!
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I admit -- I sniff them too! Heck, they always sniff at me, so I sniff back!

Love the comment about the "new cat smell." Giggle ....
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Heck, they always sniff at me, so I sniff back!
i agree..i sniff them back too...meow meow would smell nice but boy boy smells like poo.....
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No more catnip for you, Tybalt!
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