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Fearless Cat....

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HELP!!! I'm new to this forum, but I have a cat question & we're TOTALLY @ wits end w/her behavior.
Our kitten is less than a year old (more like 5 months old). She will walk on tables, chairs, countertops, etc. She doesn't care. The method of coins in a can doesn't work. It's almost as if it's a joke to her. The water spray bottle hasn't worked either. Neither has "Bitter Apple" spray.
Buddha's eaten through speaker wires, cords, and whatever else seems to tempt her fancy for the day/night. While my honey is asleep @ night, she will walk across the dresser & help herself to whatever's there. In the end things are missing & sometimes never turn up again.
Buddha has plenty of toys, so it's not like she can't play w/anthing. She has her house, trees, and gets plenty of attention.
My honey's started putting her in her carrier @ night so we can get some sleep, but she nor us should have to be subjected to this. I'm starting to think that she's Whodini b/c she gets out of that too & into something else.
She hasn't been spayed as of yet b/c of her age.
ANY suggestions would be appreciated. PLEASE before she finds herself w/a household that's not as patient.
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Grin. Sounds like she is a very curious kitten!How long have u had her? If u have recently adopted her, u need to remember that it takes kittens/cats time to adjust to being in a new home.

She might be feeling scared, unsure of where she is and that's why she's getting into everything..

Here are some other ideas-
I covered my computer wires with foil then covered with double sided tape so if my cats decided to play with or taste the wires, they'd feel the "sticky". Most cats HATE that.

Remove things that the kitten tend to play with that u dont want her playing with- put them in drawers or shut the door to that room so the kitten can't get to these things.

I'd also recommend getting another cat (approx same age?) so that way they can keep each other busy and hopefully she'd quiet down?

I'm sure the others will have more ideas/input to share with u on this.
HANG IN THERE! In a while, u won't be able to IMAGINE life without the kitten. It's worth the time and patience and love given. I PROMISE U THAT..
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she is old enough to be spayed. They spay them as young as eight weeks. They start going into heat at around 5 monthes so you want to get her fixed ASAP.
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She has another cat in the home who's less than 3 y.o. but she's obviously dealing w/a full deck. :-) So, Buddha has someone to play with. I will relay the message that she can get spayed. We love her, but her behavior is "Out of control" right about now.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll let you all know how I make out.
Any other suggestions are definately welcomed.
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And she might be just one of those stubborn ones. My Stumpy used to slap at me when I tried to correct his bad behavior. The spray bottle eventually worked with him, although he was about 14 months before he took it seriously. He is one of the best behaved cats in my house now - thank heavens I had patience with him.

If counters are an issue, here is my husband's duct tape idea: Cut a length of duct tape the length of the counter plus a few inches. Put it sticky side up, but roll the edges under and tape to the counter. Put it close enough to the front so that when they jump up, they land directly on it. They will not like getting stuck to the duct tape - MAKE SURE IT IS TAPED DOWN FIRMLY - you do not want the duct tape to come loose and stick to your cat.

Hang in there - some need more love and patience than others!
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