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Felicity's smacking the kittens

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Felicity is 2 years old, and she has been fixed, we got our 2 kittens, Emo and Easter in late May, and we used all the proper techniques, isolating the kittens from Felicity and using vanilla extract, and rubbing them with a blanket to share the scent. We let the kittens out in July. Sometimes Felicity is fine with the kittens, she'll cuddle with them and lick them, but she's really random, and all of a sudden she'll just walk up to them and smack them for no reason, I wouldn't be concerned, but it's the way she doesit, she's sort of howls at them.. It's the same sound a cat makes when you hear them fighting with another cat outside. Well she does that and smacks them, then just walks away, and lately she's been getting more aggressive with them. She's not as cuddly as she used to be either, she used to sleep with me every night, and sit on my lap, and now she'll still come in our room, but she won't sleep in there, and she never sits on me. I still give her lots of attention so that she's not jealous, but I don't know how I should deter this aggression toward Emo and Easter, and make her happy again
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How many litter pans do you have? Is she acting normally besides just this odd behavior?

I would invest in a feliway room mister and see it that helps her to relax. I would also give her just some you and her time, one-on-one with the two of you in a room playing or cuddling or whatever but with the competition nowhere near.
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we have 3 litter boxes. She's not acting normally at all, she's lately becoming more and more aggressive towards them. I give her lots of attention alone, but she's still acting the same. I went to pet smart to look for a feliway room mister, but couldn't find any.. maybe they don't sell them in canada?
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Aggressive behavior is usually either health related or stress related. I would take the cat to the vet for a check-up before I did anything else and see if perhaps something is wrong there.
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she's now started hissing and growling at the kittens when they come near. This will stop when the kittens get fixed, right?
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So, we took Felicity to the vet, and they assured us that her physical health is just perfect. But she seems to be getting worse with the kittens. She now hisses and growls at them if they come within a couple feet of her, and she's become totally anti-social. It's frustrating us!! We definately need some help, should I try putting the kittens back in a separate room? Or keeping Felicity in our room? We need help, please!
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I'm in Hamilton, and our local Petsmart (Ancaster) stocks the Feliway products. So you should have no trouble finding them in London, or even driving to Ancaster if you need to. The store is right off the 403 at Mohawk road, you can see it from the highway. Not that I have any idea if it will work but you should be able to get the product to try it.
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I'm sorry, I don't have much advice to share here. I just want to share.

Our cat Spooky acted the same way to a foster kitten we had here. It took Spooky over six weeks to stop being aggressive toward her. If the kitten got too close, she'd hit and hiss. The kitty learned to avoid Spooky (and we have since adopted her to a great home).

Do you have a cat tree or any cat furniture? What type of vertical space do the cats have access to? Sometimes this alone will help resolve a dominance situation. Your cat sounds very unhappy at the "intrusion" of the invaders. Height = dominance in the cat world, and if your cat has a high place to hang out, this may help resolve the problem.

Also, one other thought. Spooky will play with the other cats in our home. But she almost always ends up being unhappy when they start wrestling, and it'll sound like she's being attacked or they're having a massive cat fight when she's decided she's had enough.
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We do have a cat tree, and Felicity spends most of her time either on that, or sleeping in the spare bedroom upstairs, while the kittens sleep on the couches, down stairs. It's a fairly high tree too, so I know there's lots of space for felicity to feel dominant. The problem is that we introduced the kittens to felicity about 2 months ago, and she took to them fine at first, but especially lately she's becoming more and more antisocial, and agressive towards the kittens. She hisses and growls at them if they come within a few feet. She won't spend time with us anymore either. She used to be a complete lap cat, and now she'll do anything to avoid sitting with people. She seems so unhappy, and I really want to help her be more comfortable with the other cats and people in the house.
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I don't have any advice either and wanted to share as well.

When we first introduced Russell to Esper, things went well. Then there were random smacks from Russell on Esper which did ensue into actual fights but thankfully no injuries just flying fur.

After a vet visit, and both were of perfect health, they were again separated and the whole introduction process was repeated. This worked for us.

And at the time I was introduced to Feliway by a vet nurse and have been thankful ever since because it did help greatly with the situation.
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