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Cat fight....

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Hi....I am new to this forum and hope this helps me get some advice. I have two littermates, 3 yrs old, females who are spayed and declawed up front. They are indoor cats and have been best friends for 3 years. Last night they wanted to kill each other with ferocity I have never seen. The runt, Leo, acutally pooped twice during the exchanges. Is abrupt behavior change like this cause for concern? Has anyone else seen this, and will it go away? Today the cats are still hissing at each other. Help?!!!!
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This could very well be a health issue. I would take them both in to be checked and also have the vet check their feet- one of them could have an infection as a result of the declaw, and yes, I know it is years later, but it does happen. I hope if you get anymore cats you will not get them declawed (if you did indeed get these two done)
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I had that happen to me once. I had 4 cats in an apartment and a stray, unneutered male started showing up outside my patio window. His presence caused behavior similar to what you described. My solution was to catch the stray, have him neutered and found a foster home for him until I could move into my house 4 months later. (OK, so he was about 10 years old, unneutered and wandering freely - at that point I didn't care if he had an owner, they obviously weren't taking care of him.)

Has anything changed about your environment lately? If you rule changes out (like new cats hanging out, new people in your life, change in food/litter/etc), it sounds like a health problem.
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I've had the same problem before when a strange cat started coming around...I believe it's referred to as misplaced agression. The cat wants to attack the strange cat outside but can't, so he attacks the first cat he sees inside instead, setting off a chain reaction of agression within the household. Sometimes this can happen from just scent - if you come home after petting a strange cat, the smell might set off the agression.

The best solution to this (barring a health problem - be sure to make sure they're OK first) is a temporary separation & gradual reintroduction. There are hints in the Behavior section of the cat site on introducing new cats...you can probably use an accelerated version of that strategy.

Good luck & hope your cats are OK.
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