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omg.. job possibility..

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OK I sent my resume to this place, it's kinda like a resort/conference center/inn/restaurant type thing for the position of Marketing Asst. They called me to say I won't be called to interview until next week, but that they needed to know some stuff. Number One I would have to design their webpage, number 2 I would have to do a lot of database work. They wanted to see examples of my work online and all I had up as far as websites go was my resume, so I'm freakin out. I do NOT have a degree in web development BUT have been doing it since I was 15, although I haven't been using these programs for more than a couple months. She said I'd have aninterview when the owners got back from vacation sometime next week or so.. EEK. So between now and then I need to learn a buttload about web design and databasing.. I took courses in both in college BUT I'm no expert--although I have always been interested in design.. So, if I make up some sites would u guys test and tell me how they look and stuff??

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and web people on here, to do CGI must you know a language like perl or are there programs to make stuff.. I know there are a lot of free code sites BUT if I would be doing this in the capacity of a professional job I would feel I should know actually how to do it..
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I would be glad to review and critique. I've been doing system development for close to 25 years and sortof know the good-bad-ugly about design.

Web developers have pretty good job security right now!
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Oh, but I'm not technical - couldn't build a website if you paid me. But I can look at one to see if it is logically structured and meeting the needs of the users.
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You can also get a lot of help from these folks here:

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thanks m.o.m., i'll let u know when i make something lol

hissy.. I've used that site before but forgot about it!! Cool..

the thing about this job is that u need a marketing degree not a web design or computer degree, and it's entry level, so I don't know if they expect me to build a website or just to like integrate it with the marketing stuff, because I know atleast at my university the coure work wasn't very computer OR design oriented.. Mostly just business, accouting, etc.. So I don't know how much I should know, but am planning on knowing as much as can possibly be learned between now and then..
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