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Quick! I Need Links To Save A Cat From Being Declawed!!

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Somone on my parenting board wants to declaw their cat.. I want to give her some links on it and some alternatives. Can anyone help?
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Try this
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You might also want to mention to her that other western cultures DONT even see declawing as a possibility. Here in Australia, I had NEVER heard of this barbaric act till I got on the net and onto some American sites...I was, and still am, horrified to think that some people think this is an acceptable 'solution' to keeping their furniture new looking.
Havent they ever heard of training...nail clipping...soft claws...ect
Mutilation should be never used as an acceptable option...and I am sickened that soo many vets in the US seem to think its a good money spinner, and dont seem to be informing the client of the risks and the aftermath.
Congrats on wanting to save a kitties claws!
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OK i posted the links and people are saying"Well i had my cat declawed and they handled it well" !!!! What a dumb thing to say!!! Its no like the cat can say":censor::censor::censor:!!!???Ouch!!! My claws and part of my knuckles are gone!!??" Really......
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I had never heard of it until I came to the US and adopted Peedoodle who was declawed by his previous owners - for some weird reason, I thought declawing meant clipping the claws and that they would grow back. Boy how wrong I was - once I found out, I was disgusted and really upset for Peedoodle.
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Maybe you need to tell them to come here and visit and get some education on their cats. They may not have been enlightened.
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Unfortunatelly that is often the case with people. I have had many fight with people about declawing cats, & that was before I really new what declawing was & usually its the same, it doesn't hurt them so why not. The problem is that our poor little friends can't speak for themselves & tell them the truth so they put their own to it. Sometimes I think it's really the fact they convince themselves of this so they don't feel the guilt of hurting their cats.
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Its also a symptom of our 'throw-away' society People think that kittens and puppies SHOULD act like little adult cats and dogs and automatically know how they are expected to act without training...cause training would mean EFFORT...and WHY use effort when you can spend a few bucks and have an operation done to 'fix' the problem permanently.
Never mind the poor animal can end up mentally and physically scarred for life with FAR more problems with its temperament and attitude BECOUSE of the op
Some people just wont be told if they perceive an easy out.
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Show them pictures

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My sister was thinking of declawing her cat and she choose Soft Paws instead and she says that they work GREAT!
You may want to suggest Soft Paws to her!

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I your right about the throw away society, but I think the real problem is that many people can't admit to themselves that animals have feelings & emotions just like them. They see them as more toys to be put away when their done playing with, not careing, sentinet companions that deserve respect & love. Sorry for getting on a soap box, but all too often I hear the, well it's not like they understand saying, or so what it's just an animal one.(That one really angers me ).
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Try to give them facts and lead them to articles. If you become overly emotional in your response (I know it's hard !!!), they will discount you as a raving cat person.

Many people are not aware of what actually takes place in a declaw surgery. But remember that your advice will be more easily accepted, if you demonstrate a straight forward answer backed up with declaw options and articles. I'm just sickened when I see vets so easily offer the declaw option to their clients. It's heartbreaking when there are alternatives.

Remember your there to educate, not to flame. Good luck!

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