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Whose computer chair is it anyway?

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I think my head cat has had too much power lately and it has gone to her head. She loves to sleep in my computer chair. A few days ago, she has taken it upon herself, when I am online to sit perched on the desk and she just stares at me. Constant staring. No meowing, no relaxed eye, just a constant vigil of her eyes. The minute I get up, she leaps into my chair and closes those watchful eyes.

I come back and we have an arguement about whose chair it really is. I finally have to pick her up put her on the floor and sit down quickly or she will leap up and take "her" spot.

Once I am again typing she goes back to the desk edge and stares at me! LOL

I told her this morning that her tactics may work with the kittens and the other cats, but I am the boss of this chair. She listened to my explanation and still just sat there and stared at me, never moving, not blinking.

I think Ripster must now be part of the Kitty Mafia, because this is quite intimidating to me. Think I can pay her to go away and terrorize the Triplets instead?
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LOL! Welcome to Gary's world! He and Shelly have a constant battle for his chair. Shel does the same thing - just sit and stare intently. The MINUTE Gary gets up - Shelly's in the chair. Maybe we should just get rid of the sheepskin thrown over it and that would solve the problem?
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That's an easy question Hissey. Like anything else in the house the chair is theirs of course.
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She sounds so funny MA!
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The chair is hers. You will need to learn to use your computer kneeling in front of it. Suggest getting knee pads.....
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Hissy, I have the same issue with Peedoodle. I think this is a kitty mafia thing! Peedoodle will also sit in front of the monitor and I can not see a darn thing.
Is it a warmth thing?
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I have a recliner I use as a computer chair, with the computer screen on a low table next to me, so I end up wearing my Ragdolls...2 or 3 at a time usually!! Its fine for now, while the boys are only about 3kg at 5mths old...but I DREAD to think what they will be like in a few more months time!! hehehehe
They also like to pinch the recliner if I DARE go to the side of the bed is apparently also the best side! hehehe
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Nakita used to be super glued to my computer chair. She would jump on it as soon as I would get up.

Now her favourite place to 'own' is an old laundry basket with a towel layed out on the bottom.

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Dottie is the computer chair thug at my house. Though, she's not nearly so polite as to just give the evil eye. She yells incessantly for my to get off her chair! If she's on it, and I tap her to get off, she gives me this awful little squeak sound like I'm hurting her. I've even tried to share the chair with her; she'll give me about 2 inches worth of the edge and that's it. Forget that. I'm too old to be picking myself up off the floor.
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I think my favorite is the dirty look you get when you move them to sit down again. The "what do you think your doing" look is so priceless.
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looks like you need to buy another computer chair We got a second one from
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Kass - Nakitas gorgeous! The look on her face is priceless!
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We solved that problem by buying monitor top shelves for the computers and putting soft comfy towels up there for them to lay on. Lilith in particular likes to be right there in the middle of things when we are online, and she seems to be training Phoenix as her stand-in.
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That is funny. What is worse is when you have double sets of eyes throwing daggers at you for taking the computer chair from them. Chair Hogs that's what they are...Chair Hogs
post #15 of 27 long as you realize that it is the cats house......and that you are only there to pay the the bills for them....everything will be fine..LOL. The chair is also theirs, you are only allowed to sit in it certain hours of the day with the cats permission of course. LOL.....
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Right now Tibby is in my cushioned computer chair, I am sitting in the hard wooden one, I didnt have the heart to take it away from her, I just rolled her over by the window so she could see out and took the old chair, they love my chair so much, they take turns sleeping in it.
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Originally posted by malynn
.... I just rolled her over by the window so she could see out and.....
They have you trained very well!!! Your cat's should start a training course for How To Make Your Human A Slave

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Originally posted by Russian Blue
They have you trained very well!!! Your cat's should start a training course for How To Make Your Human A Slave

LMFAO.... Take one guess on how I got my user name....
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LOL! NOW I know my dad and I aren't the only slaves to our cats!
Often as I grew up, I'd see poor dad kneeling in front of the computer typing away while Rusty, the GRUMPY QUEEN, reclines on the computer chair! He is now about 55 years old, have a bad back and bad knees and still to this day, he still kneels on the floor if Rusty is on the chair! I asked him several times in the past why he doesn't just pick her up and put her somewhere else. He gave me this look and said he didn't want to disturb her.

I've caught myself doing the same thing now!! If 1 of my cats is on the chair, I'd kneel on the floor. Same thing with the computer monitor- often Spike or Buddy would sit in front of the monitor and I'd look over, under or to the side to see the monitor but NOT move the cats away! How dare I disturb my cats!?

They have you trained very well!!! Your cat's should start a training course for How To Make Your Human A Slave
Apparently our cats have gotten an A out of that course!
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My bugs aren't quite chair hogs yet - but when I work on my laptop - Tarka insists on sitting on my lap and chasing the mouse pointer (the laptop of course is precariously balanced on my knees) and Luca sits on my shoulders!
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I'm telling ya.....we all gotta invest in knee pads!
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Ophelia is my Chair Hog. And she only likes mine, even though it is older and less coushy than hubby's chair. I usually end up just petting her. Sometimes she moves, sometimes she doesn't. I've convinced her a couple times to share with me balanced precariously on the edge. Seems to work out well.

Kass, Nakita is such a doll! I'm glad she gave you back the computer chair, but you know it's just because she knows that you will post her pretty face here and we all goosh over her.
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Coco, our black cat is the exact color of the computer chairs. Poor kitty gets sat on all the time
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LOL MA! and everyone else! , My chair hog definitly has to be Holly yuo go and get a drink and you come back and she's curled up fast asleep on the chair!

Kass- Kisses to Nakita she's gorgeous!
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When I work from home, I'll put my work laptop on the dining room table. The cats usually sit around or on my wrists as I try to work. One day I got up for a health break and forgot to close down the lid to my laptop. It was a winter day and Stumpy thought it would be quite nice to warm up on the keyboard. He managed to delete about 50meg (4 years worth) of work from one of my files, including testimony that I had put together for the FCC. I had only backed up my files 3 months earlier (oops).

If he wants my chair he can have it - better that than the keyboard! It was an interesting "my cat ate my homework" story that I had to give to my boss!
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LOL to all of the chair hog stories. My mom's cat Sasha has taken over her computer chair. Luckily Sasha's pretty small, so if mom needs to they can share the chair.
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Here's my little chair hog, Snowball!
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