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Get your butt out of bed!

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My alarm went off at 6 a.m. I got up, hit the snooze and slid back under the covers. Eight minutes later, the alarm went off again. I got up and hit the snooze. When it went off 8 minutes later, I rolled over and there were two furry little lumps sitting on my bed staring at me. "Get your butt out of this bed and feed us!" Goodness, you'd think they could eat the kibble for breakfast every now and then!
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That is so Excalibur - he is ruled by his tummy! If you don't move fast enough to feed it he lets you know!
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Mine are the same way....they will for sure let you know when it is time to eat!
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Yup - that's my fat Ferdy too!!

If we don't get up and feed him when required, he actually climbs on top of one of us (whoever he feels is more likely to respond - usually hubbs), and just settles himself down.

You try continuing to sleep with half a tonne of bad-breathed cat lying on top of you!!!!!!!
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Wow your kitties actually let you sleep til the alarm goes off. Mine usually starts their morning wakeup about an hour before.
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Max would have never let you rest once the alarm went off. He'd be climbing all other you and meowing in your face and if that failed, he is not above patting your face a few times.
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When I'm taking too long to get out of bed, Zoey stands in the middle of the bedroom floor and goes " BBBPPRRRRYYEEEOOOWWWWWMEEOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!"

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LOL Sicy ... have another cup of coffee.

I guess I'm lucky that they do let me sleep. But let us remember they are just babies ... they don't quite have all this stuff figured out yet. I'm dreadin' the day they do figure it out.

They really tag teamed me this morning. One on my left side, another on my right. Didn't matter which face I woke up to, they got their point made.
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Max and Sasha are our alarm clocks. Max will jump up on my hip and exclaim, "WOW!" in a very loud voice.

Sasha comes up and licks our faces and sticks his loong whiskers in our faces.

There's no snooze bar on a hungry cat!
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I have to have a real alarm clock since Spike doesn't care how long I sleep. He just amuses himself until I get up. (And I'm extrememly grateful for this. )
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ha ha...morning time...

I'll wake up to the alarm to have five of the six cats on the bed. Each time I get up to press snooz, they all run to the kitchen. Its too funny. They're getting better about it now and will usually just lay there, staring at me until I do go to the kitchen for them.
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This morning was a very rude awakening. About 5:15 I woke from a sound slumber to Duffy sitting on the pillow pulling at my hair! He wouldn't stop! I put my head under the covers and he thought that was a cool game -- he jumped me. Yikes! Those little teeth and claws hurt! When I couldn't breath anymore with my head under the covers, I came out from hiding. He was sitting there staring at me. As soon as he saw my face he jumped up, rushed towards me and licked me on the eye! Then the nose, then the cheek, back to the eye. He was really full of p&v! I'm not sure where his partner in crime was at the time. But I suspect she egged him on then ran for cover. When he finally left me alone, I got about another 30 minutes of sleep.

The youngesters had their breakfast, and are now chasing each other back and forth through the hallway. It cracks me up how they behave! Duffy has the cutest little attack mode I've seen. He arches his back, his tail points to the ceiling, and he hops sideways at the same time he hops forward. He is so animated! Penny just stands there and stares at him. She's such an adult sometimes. Of course, Dottie is screeching up a storm. The hallway is her favorite place to lay in the morning. I'm sure it seems like an expressway to her today. Bleu-boy is his usual quiet self. I'm sure that old man-cat curses me every time he sees those kittens.

Get your butt out of bed!
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Originally posted by jmvito
Duffy has the cutest little attack mode I've seen. He arches his back, his tail points to the ceiling, and he hops sideways at the same time he hops forward.
OMG that sounds so funny! I wish I could see that!

Silly boy!
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Princess eats my hair and eyelashes and Simba bounces off the closet accordian doors, knowing I can't stand that crashing noise. It is always at exactly 5:00 a.m. Eeekkks, they are brats! The other 6 wait in the kitchen for those two to do the dirty work.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Absolutely NOT HAPPY.gif[/IMG]
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Mine don't actually try and wake me up , when I wake up, I wake up to 5 or 6 little kitty faces staring out of their innocent eyes at me, I bet they are thinking when I wake up "sheesh woman, slept thru brekfast AGAIN"..

BTW Cute Thread!
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It's Saturday morning. No rude awakenings this a.m. Maybe they realized it's Saturday? Naw ... too much to ask. Duffy was in the bed when I woke up, but he was quiet. Just laying there. Penny was on the floor, sitting in front of the dresser that holds my alarm clock. Maybe she was waiting for the alarm to go off?

Anyway, I slid out of bed and made my way toward the kitchen. Both kittens took off running down the hallway! They sound like a heard of elephants! Their food dishes were both completely empty. I can't believe they left me alone this morning when there wasn't one piece of kibble in their bowl. So, still groggy with sleep, I opened the cupboard to get their bag of chow out. As I carried it across the kitchen, I dropped it, and some spilled out. They both jumped on the kibble and started eating. Duffy sat right in the middle of the pile of kibble. Funny kitties, they don't care if they eat off the floor. I filled up their bowl and put the bag back. I got a can of food out, opened it up, and forked some onto their plate. Forgetting the kibble on the floor, Duffy ran for the plate. He chowed down! He growls when he eats, and that just cracks me up. He wouldn't let Penny near the plate, so I forked some food onto a saucer for her, and fed her on the kitchen rug. I think she was grateful.

Now that their tummies are full, they are full of P&V again. They have so much energy in the morning. Wish I had that much energy! I need about 20 cups of coffee before I can even think about getting moving.

Get your butt out of bed!!!
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Originally posted by DTetrev
Wow your kitties actually let you sleep til the alarm goes off. Mine usually starts their morning wakeup about an hour before.
These days we get to call the feeding time shots -- most of the time Cindy and Fawn come when called, and sometimes Suzy does, too.

But in an earlier "administration" (Shasta, Gryph and Nibs), Breakfast Patrol began some mornings as early as 5 am, and always by 6. Even on workdays, we don't set a foot on the floor before 7, so there was often a small discussion between Shasta and Mum -- and when the lazy ol' human finally got her act together, the feline contingent had their little whips a-crackin', particularly Shasta and Nibs. Gryphon, being the most polite cat on the face of the earth, would usually sit quietly at my feet waiting, and occasionally take a swipe at one of the others if they were being too mouthy.
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