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Missing "Uncontacted" Amazon Tribe

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It's believed that drug traffickers may have killed an entire Amazon tribe that previously had no contact with the outside world. An outpost that had been set up to protect the indigenous group was taken down by armed men; 44 lbs. of cocaine and a backpack containing a broken arrow were later found nearby.

There have been no sightings since of any of the tribe's people although their grass huts and gardens are intact, so it's believed if contact was made it was not in the village. All of the tribe could very well die of diseases brought in by the traffickers, if they were not already killed by the men's submachine guns and rifles. Civilization has been pushing these tribes to relocate for some time and experts say they have very little room to run.

The search continues, but "The concern is the the tribe's first contact with the so-called civilized world wasn't all that civilized." article

Here are photos and videos of amazing uncontacted tribes from a group of their advocates, Survival International. (Images of the uncontacted tribes have been taken to prove to the Brazilian government that these tribes exist and must be protected.)
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I am going to forward this to my brother - he is an Anthropologist who works with Indigenous Tribes in Brazil - maybe he knows what is going on....
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That's upsetting to me. It's just darn sad that an entire tribe of people could be wiped out like they never existed.

They should not have been pushed to relocate either. For simple convenience? Sad. Just sad.
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