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last night...

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I couldn't sleep last night...it was pouring when I got home and normally, it would be a nice time to sleep because it's a cosy feeling. I started to worry about the two kittens down my block. They are about 1 month old and it's the first time it's pouring since they were found by me. I was wondering if they know how to get out of the downpour and get shelter or would they be hiding down the bushes that barely has leaves to shelter them. I was really bushed and felt asleep thinking about it. Now I feel kinda guilty leaving them in the rain....
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It is hard when otherss don't care enough to properly raise their pets. Please remember you are doing all you can to help them. Cats are smart and won't just sit in the rain. I'm sure they were cosy and warm in a little hide away. Keep us posted on their progress.
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Try not to feel quilty about that. I am sure they got out of the rain and didn't get too wet. I feel the same way about my outside dog Nemo, he has a house but still there is a lot of lighting and thunder. I know that has got to scare him half to death, I know it does me and I am inside

Are you feeling okay?
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aww Kate, I'm totally out of the loop on this story(If you've mentioned it before). Even if you went down the road and tried to find them, there is no guarantee that you would have found them. If it was raining really bad they probably wouldn't have heard you. More than likely they did find a place to keep dry... where are they now? Have you seen them since?
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You can make them snug little cat houses fairly cheap out of those styrofoam coolers you see in the stores? Buy a couple and carve holes in them off the ground level, put some hay or straw inside for bedding and weight down the coolers (covered of course) and place them in a spot you know the kittens hang out. Put food inside for them and they should go in and keep out of the elements.
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i haven't seen them today but will be checking them out in the night when i go feed them...they stay in the little public park beneath my block and i can't get houses built up for them...that's the problem with ppl in singapore..they like dogs more than cats and they are seen as pests rather than pets.
i'm hoping to adopt them but i'm not sure how the two fellas at home will react to them..afterall, those two fellas are one yrs old already but the kittens are only a mth old... anybody has got some good ideas how to prepare the older ones for the kittens??
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Since your boys are only a year old, they should adapt better to newcomers than two 10 year old cats...you know what I mean?

I would give it a try and keep the new ones in a separate area for a little while 'till they get used to being indoors.
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